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My Tasks, My Prayers

We all know that with our busy days, it seems as though we don’t have enough time to put aside for prayer.  We get up, and as soon as our feet hit the floor our day has started with our chore list(s) running through our head.  Make breakfast, get the kids off to school, take the dog out, do laundry, clean the living room, go to the grocery store, pick up dry cleaning, wash the car, pick up this and that the kids left lying around, do the lawn work, do more laundry, pick up the kids from school, run the kids to their afterschool activities, make dinner, have everyone take a shower/bath, put the kids ready to bed.  This is usually the small list.  Normally, we can add many more little things that have to be done in between all of the major stuff.  So when is a woman able to have the time to pray?

I have a task list to do everyday. I am such the list maker.  I love the organization of it all.  I write down all the “major” things that need to be done for the day. As I go through the list, I check everything off as I get them completed.  That is all but one.  Praying.  Praying should never be checked off.  Praying is an ongoing conversation with God.  It should never cease and decisis.  I have even heard people pray in their sleep.  Which took me by surprise at first.  But after meditating on it, it started to make sense to me that either your spirit hasn’t said everything it needed to during the day, or that God wasn’t done talking to you.

As I go through each task, I take the time to say my prayers as I do the task. Some days I have scripture running through my head like a song that you heard once and can’t seem to get it out.  Some days I have a long list of people who I ask for His intervention in their lives.  And then there are other days our conversations consist of my life and how I am to honor Him.  I personally find it odd to have to schedule in praying to God. To get up, pray, do your day, pray, go to bed, would seem so sterile.  When God said he is with you always and you only talk to him once or twice throughout the day, does it not appear to you as though, “Well I’ve done my duty for the day. I prayed.”  So then you can tell people that you pray every day. Big deal. But is your relationship with Him as it should be? If I were to be with someone every single moment of every single day, and they only spoke to me once or twice a day, my attitude towards them would be rude.  Thank God for His grace and mercies that He does not treat us the same.

Although, I have known some people who do this, for me it would be too much as a ritual and would lack my passion and love for God.  No, for me, my time with God is not to be considered another task to mark complete at the end of the day. I keep Joshua 1:8 This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it.; in my mind when I start to feel so bogged down with the daily activities that I must get done. My to do list seems so much easier knowing that I have His word with me always.  I have also found that my chores seem to get done with more of a completeness. A satisfaction of a job well done. As I talk with Him, He strengthens me.  I feel so much more energized and at peace.  I know that for all I have to do, He is more than willing to guide me along and keep me on track while under His wings of protection. My relationship with Him is of the utmost importance.   Even while I write this to you I can feel His arm around me.  It is such a comforting feeling.  So I would like you to ask yourself just how much praying do you do during the day.  Is it as much as you would like?  Is it as much as you need?  Is it meaningful or another task? Do you pray throughout your day?  Do you think you should?  While meditating on these questions keep in mind that your day, your hour, your minute is a gift on this earth that could stop immediately. The moment it does, you will be face to face with the King of kings and the Lord of lords.   How will your prayers look then?  Do you dare tell God that you just didn’t have the time, or was too tired after such busy days?


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