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  • September 2011
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Do You Love Me?

I have heard over the years that love is funny.  That love is hard to explain.  That love is caring and kind. That love is hard to understand.  But that,when we have it, we never want to lose it.  I believe all of these things and more. It is said: “He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.”  1 John 4:8

I know that God has a great sense of humor.  There are plenty of things to laugh at in life.  When I look at His creations and the way they interact with one another, sometimes I laugh hard enough to make my sides hurt.  For example, two siblings could be playing for hours with one another. While one tries to be serious and puts the toys around them in certain spots, the other gives off expressions of “Are you kidding me?!?” and throws one of the toys around in a half-hazard way; over and over again.  Another example is when a young man takes his dog to the park for a game of frisbee.  The dog becomes so excited and happy that he doesn’t give the young man time to throw and grabs the frisbee.  He takes off and comes back.  He takes off and comes back.  Much to the amusement and entertainment of young man.

Explaining love is difficult. Even for those who have lived into their twilight years. If you don’t believe me, then try to explain it to a child. For us, love is a feeling.  We have reasons for our feelings.  But no real clear definition of said feeling.  We can show examples of love. But love isn’t something that you can walk up to the counter and purchase, take it home and place on your mantle for all to see as they enter your home.  My husband has asked me several times, “Why do you love me?”  Now, I can spout off a number of different reasons to him.  But the real answer is because of the way he makes me feel.  I love him, and because of that he also loves me.  Does that sound a little familiar?  1 John 4:19 We love Him because He first loved us.

Helping someone in need, shows them love in a kind and caring way.  It can lift up their spirits in a time of trouble.  Whether it is lending a hand for someone moving, or to allowing someone to bend your ear for a while. We have our everyday “super heroes” in the form of fire fighters and police officers who get show their sensitivity to complete strangers on a daily basis. They get to express it many forms like, saving a person from a burning building, or stopping a fight between spouses. But then we also have “super heroes” in the form of parents, who get to show their compassion to their kids on a daily basis. Like in the way a mom can kiss a boo boo away, or the time a dad spends helping them understand their homework.

We can have a hard time understanding love and the way it works.  You can look at a couple and think to yourself, “What do they see in each other?”  Or, “I don’t know why she stays with him.”  Love is the answer to both of those questions and many more. Love can strike different people at different times for different reasons.  And although the reasons of some love maybe out of our reach,  it does show us that there is a vast variety and levels of love. I do not understand how it is that God could love me as much as He does.  I have done nothing nor will ever do anything to deserve it.  It isn’t something I can earn. But it is something that I have.  And I don’t ever want to lose it.  For God to give Himself to me, is a precious gift. A gift that I treasure, and He started loving me even before He created me. My understanding of it is so minute compared to the amount that He has given me. By the end of my years, here on this earth, I will still only have just a speck of comprehension.  But ooh what fun I will have on the journey. For each day is another opportunity to learn about, rejoice in, and share His love.


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