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  • September 2011
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Love Me Like…..

Yesterday I spoke on the subject of love.  I do hope that you found it useful and maybe encouraging. The subject love however needs to be spoke about, nurtured, and spread to others, a lot.  We should always remind ourselves that when we take love (God) out of any situation we will fail at connecting with people on the level that they need.  Whether those people are your heavenly family, blood family, church family, or your family of strangers.

#Strangers    Because of our individuality, we act and react to things differently than another person might.  Would it not then stand to reason that everyone needs love in different ways?  “Well of course,” you say, ” I don’t treat my child the same way I would a stranger.”  Certainly not.  What if that stranger needed love the same way your child does?  Would you imminently show love to that stranger in the manner that they need?  That question might me very hard for some people to answer.  If your looking at a full grown adult, married, has children of his/her own, has a good job, decent car and a nice house, would you stop to think that they need love?  Maybe you were thinking of a stranger living on the street, divorce, no car,  looking for work and asking for help. A stranger is just that a stranger, not matter how they may look on the outside.  So just how many strangers do you go by each and every day?  What are you expressing to them when you see them?

#Church    When we first start to attend church, we are all strangers.  We may look each other up and down to see if there is someone that we may like to talk to, and others we feel we should avoid for a time.  But we gather and became a family with one main connection.  Love.  It is our love of God that keeps us loving each other as we gather week after week.  We make it a point to seek out anyone who needs prayer for any reason.  And through that we are showing them love.  We are also finding out how they need that love.  If a lady from the church was going to have surgery of some kind, not only would we pray that the surgery goes well and that she recovers quickly with as little pain as possible, but would we also go over to her house with a meal, help her clean the house, do any errands that she may need.  This would not only be showing her that she is loved in the manner that she needs, would it not also be a blessing to the rest of her family?  For the husband who may not know how to cook, for the children who might need school supplies.  What if that lady was you and you found that no one came to see you?  Would you blame all the members of church of not caring about you and being selfish?  Or, would you look at yourself and ask, ” Did I not really not connect with my family?  What should I have done differently?

#Family    While growing up, did you ever say to a family member, “I don’t like it when you treat me that way. or I don’t like it when you talk to me that way”?  If so, you were expressing how you need that person love you.  What a wonderful gift that is, to be able to feel so free to express how you need to be treated.  There are so many family that are just so unwilling to accept and follow through with such a request.  Because you are blood family, they expect you to do the understanding.  “Well this is who I am.  Why should I have to change for anyone?  I should be allowed to be myself.”  Really?  Please don’t feel as though you are above change and compromise.  If you can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that every individual family relationship you have is fine with no problems of expressions to one another.  Then great!  But if you find just one, no matter how small, then maybe you should rethink somethings.  Oh, and that relationship(s) means both of you having no problems of expression.  As we grow older, our situations change.  Which as means that the way we need love from one another also changes.  To evaluate and reevaluate our relationships will only lead us to a better understanding on one another.

#Heaven    So lets now chat about our heavenly family a little.  They too need to be loved in a certain manner.  Do you show it to any of Them (Three in One) only when you have the time or are you expressing it every moment you can.  Have we all at one time or another, not thanked Him for something that we would have considered small?  I don’t care what that book said, the small stuff does indeed matter.  The faster you let the small things go, the easier it gets to allow the big things slip by, one by one. Before you know it you will have nothing left. Now I know that God doesn’t need love.  But He does ask for it.  We should show Him that the love He shows us does not fall on us in vain.  “You shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord.” Leviticus 19:18

I try my best every day to teach my children to lead by example.  That if they want to be treated a certain way from friends, family, authority figures, etc., then they have to start treating them with the same love and respect the way that person needs it.  My children already know that this works because their dad and I also try to lead by example.  Not only to them, but also to the rest of the world.  To love them in every way you know they need and then let God do the rest.  For it is His love to begin with.  You are just a vessel for which it is used through.


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  1. I really love it! Its one of your best posts yet, and you have had some really good posts.

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