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  • October 2011
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It is our norm to eat dinner at home every night.  I like to hear events that have happened in my family’s life during the day, with all the chaos and laughter that comes with it. (Although maybe not every night with the chaos. LOL) Our dining room area faces the west.  So we get the evening sun shining through as we eat.  There are times though, when the sun comes in so brightly that we have to close the shades to our sliding glass doors.  We have tried several different ways to allow the blinds to be open while we eat, but usually, the sun ends up in someone’s eyes.  This can make it very difficult to enjoy your meal and company.  It shines with great force as it comes through the glass into your line of sight.  You can turn your head, scoot around in your seat, place your free hand between you and the glare, but it doesn’t stop it from shining through.   No, you have to put a barrier between you and the glass (the blinds) in order to see everything around you.

I happen to like the sun coming in. Even when it blinds my sight. It warms me as it hits my face.  It adds a wonderful glow to the room and the faces I see.  I am able to see more clearly and without having to strain my eyes.  The other night as we were eating the sun was shining in as usual and my middle son was blinded by it.  So he asked if he could close the blinds.  I agreed, and as he was turning the wand it came to me……..  Revelation 22:16 “I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches.  I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.” Did you get that last part? Morning Star.

How many times do we close the blinds to God?  When all we want to see is everything else around us, without Him.   He shines in allowing us to see more clearly and without strain.   Instead of remembering, that we are to look only at Him, rather than the things or people around us.  Jesus shines down on us and makes the way so that we can truly see.  We aren’t supposed to be looking at anything else.  But our eyes are overwhelmed by the light and instead of allowing the time to get used to it, we immediately turn away to see that which stays in the shadow of the Light.  John 8:12 Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying “I am the light of the world, He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”  We should remind ourselves that even when we place a blinder between us and the sun; it doesn’t stop the sun from shining.  The same is also true with God.  He doesn’t stop shining on even though we have blinders blocking Him.  He waits patiently.  The blinder you might be placing in front of you, are they worth it?  Have you gone through and decorated them so that they look so pretty.  Did you know that you are disguising them, so that you can deceive not only others but yourself as well?  How long have you held on to them? Do you think you might ever let them go?  For those of you who may not know how, I ask that you pray, look to the Son, and He will show you the way.  As for my family, I think we will start adjusting to the sun shine at dinner as a reminder of His love and mercy.  So that we will allow that love and mercy to burn through the barriers we have place up in our lives.  Keeping us able to be fixed on Him, no matter what else is being shown around us.


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  1. […] I find it “strange” that more people don’t have that same experience.  They have their blinders on and hold back for a fear that they might have if they let go.  It is such a wonderful […]

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