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  • October 2011
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He Wants To Hear

The past couple of weeks I have been driving to my sister’s house to teach one of my nephews how to read and write.  He blessed me by asking me to do so.  He is only 4, but his personality is that of a tween sometimes.  As we go through our tasks, I will ask him what something is.  Like a letter or a word on a page.  He likes to show it to me by pointing to it.  I have to ask him to say it.  This gives me a better idea of what he is learning and the of his strength of abilities.  I then, more often than not, will get a scrunched up face as he tells me what it is. This is where I have to contain myself from giggling.  He is just so darn cute.  The other night, the family was sitting down to dinner.  As I was saying my grace over the meal, I heard “Tell Me you love Me.”

This time, I was the one doing the pointing.  “Look, look at all the things that I do to show that I love you.  I tell people all the time how much I love you.”  As I was speaking, I felt my face scrunch up.  My eyebrows drew closer together; my lips pursed tightly, as I sunk my head even lower.  He said again, “Tell Me you love Me.  I want to hear it.” This time, I got it.  My heart filled up with gratitude as I answered Him and said, “I love You my dear God.”

Have you ever watched a show or movie and one person will say I love you and the other person just smiles and nods, or might say, me too.  It just isn’t the same.  You can feel the tension that the person has trying to say those words.  It makes me ache inside.  You can sometimes hear me, “Just say the words.  It won’t kill you.  Let them know that you really do love them.”  The hubby and I say we love each other all the time.  At times, I’m sure that we say it so much that we get on other people’s nerves.  Not that we care.  Because we know, just how important it is to the other that they get to hear it.  There are those who might claim that they don’t need to hear it all the time.  I have a hard time really believing that.  As we go through life, we reaffirm everything we do.  So even though my hubby shows me his love for me all the time, it is so sweet and touches my soul deeply when he tells me that he loves me.  I do not understand how it could not be the same with others unless their hearts are hardened a bit in that area.

When we pray, we are to come to Him with all humility.  We are to keep Him in front of us and give Him everything that we possess.  That includes our words.  Yes, He already knows how we feel about and for Him. And, no He doesn’t need to hear it. But just like us, He wants to hear it.  Not only to say, “I love God, but to also say God, I love You.”  When you are able and willing to say it, you will feel such a release of burden and hardened heart.  Because the moment you do, God is saying those exact same words right back to you.  That, my friend, is such an awesome feeling.

When it is time for me to leave after teaching my nephew, I give him a squeeze and tell him that I love him. I never want him to forget the love that I have for him.  I want it to be the last impression he has of me. He keeps his head down, but peers up at me with a smile and repeats back to me, “I love you.”  When I hear that sweet voice say those words to me, my heart melts.  Heart melting is the work of God.  For God is love.  1 John 4:8 He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.  Do not hold back your love for God.  Tell Him when you pray.  Tell Him when you are blessed.  Tell Him when you are in trouble.  Just never forget to tell Him.


2 Responses

  1. Great post…thank you!

  2. Anyone who has ever lost someone unexpectedly knows how important it is to never let an opportunity to say, “I love you,” pass. You may not get another chance. None of us know how long we have in this life, every moment is precious, too precious to leave anything unsaid, or undone. Great post. Great reminder.

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