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Are You Reading?

Have you missed me?  If I look at my stats, the answer is no.  If I don’t write, you don’t come. No worries.  Not that my writing is anything classic.  No, the classics are to be read, re-read and read again.  The lessons that they foretell are for generations upon generations.  They bring back memories of your youth.  Some have enjoyed them, while others find them a nightmare.  The classics have gone through many reprints. They have passed through many different publishers.  The covers have been re-illustrated from time to time.  They have been placed in a variety of different book stores. They are waiting to be checked out of your local library.  Some hang on dusty bookshelves, while others are read so much that they are in need of rebinding.  Yes, they have gone through a lot. But the stories always remain the same.

I don’t really know the last time I read a classic.  My reading (which I thoroughly enjoy doing) has changed a lot through the years.  I now read more on things pertaining to moms, families, and homemaking.  However, the book that I read the most is the ultimate classic.  The Bible.  A person can look at someones Bible and tell if it is being used.  The pages are always made really thin.  The covers are usually leather and of one color or another.  You can get in a variety of different translations.  The text can be of small or large print with or without red letters.   Some will come with maps while others can have dictionaries.  There are those that are designed with themes geared toward men, women, teens and littles.  Yes there are a lot of different Bibles out there.   When it is read, it develops a look.  A look of flipped through.  A look of searching through.  A look of daily reading.  A look of weekly reading.  A look of no reading at all.

In my house, we each have two Bibles.  My husband was given a Bible from his mom.  When it started looking like it was on its last leg, he got another one to use regularly.  I bought my first Bible.  My husband gave me the other one that is centered around women.  We bought all four of our children their first Bibles.  My oldest bought another that is more of a study Bible, and out of the kindness of his heart, he bought his sister one as well.  My two younger boys were given teen study Bible from a great man at our church.  We all read out of both of our Bibles.  We read and re-read and re-read.  For the lessons that are foretold are for generations upon generations, no matter how many one may have.

Some will enjoy it while others will see it as a nightmare.  It will go through a lot of reprints and pass through many publishers.  It will have many re-illustrations.  It will be placed in many different book stores. And it will be available at your local library.   But the word always remain the same.


3 Responses

  1. My Bible has underlining, highlighting and notes all through it. I still have the Bbile I used when I was young, but it is falling apart.
    I am blog hopping & following you from Katherine’s Corner. Growing Old With Grace http://growing-old-with-grace.blogspot.com/. Hugs, GraceinAZ

  2. Hi, new follower from Katherine’s Corner Hop, http://babyfeetandpuppybreath.blogspot.com/

    Hope you can drop in, say hello and follow back. Thanks and have a Super weekend.

  3. My poor bible is falling apart and I have taped it back together, but I can’t bear to put it aside for another. The worn and discolored pages mark passages in my life, points when God spoke, encouraged and uplifted.

    And, you are right, I do own more than one, three actually. One belonged to my grandmother, my old and best loved, and a new paper back version for travel.

    Great post. I undersand about your blog stats, mine are the same, but that is okay.

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