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Giving Thanks Re-Post

Because this is the week of Thanksgiving I thought I would do a re-post that I wrote in June.  Because Thanksgiving should be through out each and everyday all year-long.  I give thanks to God. Not only for all that I have already received but for all that He may grace me with in the future.  I find it wonderful that the nation takes a day to give thanks as a nation.  I pray that it will multiply.

Giving thanks is something we all should do everyday. But few of us (myself included) remember to do just that. Thanksgiving is something that quite honestly is more important than one day of the year. The grace and blessings that have not only been given to me but to everyone is not something to be taken lightly. We all are grateful for food to eat and roofs over our head. At least until we hit the grocery store and see the prices or a shingle starts to buckle. Maintenance is something we all have to deal with. Whether it’s getting the car a tune up or getting a check up from the doctor. To remember to keep the focus on giving thanks to God for the car or the fact that you have been given yet another day to live. No matter what bad news may come out of maintenance. Waking up every morning should be reason enough to say thank you.


Now, I’m going to say something that my husband Joe may not like. I’m going to tell the world that he has Multiple Sclerosis. He is very private about such things. He was just newly diagnosed a few months ago. He went through a lot of testing. And all along he really didn’t think anything was wrong. He had gone in for a regular check up and just mentioned that he had a tremor in his hand for a little while. The doctor said,”let’s be safe and get it checked by a specialist”. The next thing you know, MS has struck our family. Now I can’t say exactly what it is that he goes through every day. Why? Because I’m not him. Everyone internally reacts differently to news like that. It’s a tough pill to swallow for myself. However, each and every day I have said thank you to

God for giving me such a wonderful man. I have been given a blessing with a man who truly gets me. Who truly loves me. And I know that even before he was diagnosed he gave thanks. If for nothing else, for life. I have a great deal to be grateful for. The list is too long to list here. Which is why I go through the day saying thank you for each. I know that a lot of people that give thanks on holidays or when something traumatic has had a good outcome. Which is all good and well. But it is the small stuff that fill up our daily lives. It should be the small stuff that we are grateful for. Now there is a lot of scripture that I could quote. But I’ll let you have the fun of looking it up. Yes, looking up scripture should be fun. Why? Because it brings you closer to the Lord. Start with baby steps if you need. Find one thing that happens everyday and give thanks. As the days go on add one more. Before you even realize it you’ll be singing his praises throughout the day. Everyday. So now I give thanks for the ability to be able to give this message and every message to you. For that I am grateful.


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