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  • November 2011
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Today’s Music Ain’t Got The Same Soul

Wasn’t Sierra’s post just wonderful!?!  She wanted me to thank all the encouraging comments that were given.  http://disciplegideon.wordpress.com/ said that music is huge.  He is so right.  And in this house it always has been.  Well actually, as far as I can remember music has always been a part of my life.  When I was young, my mom use to play the radio and her 45’s that she had collected as a girl, all the time while doing her housework.  I would play around the house listening, dancing and singing all the time.  As a teen, I became a fan of heavy metal with my Walkman on my side.  When I was in my 20’s and 30’s (Yes I know, I am started to age myself) I listened to the then oldie’s that I heard as a young girl.

When I was pregnant with each of my kids, I played classical music to them with the help of headphones.  And not the kind headphones of today.  These were massive. All black leather, thick with foam that stretched around to fit the size of your head, with a curly-q cord that would always seem too short. They stretched perfectly around my growing belly.  I played classical music for them until they were around 6mths. old.  I use to love watching their faces as they heard the music.  You could see so many different expressions as their little minds were trying to put all the notes together.  As they were growing, I was still in my oldies stage and would have the radio on almost all the time, whether in the house or in the car.  (In the car is usually where the kids would ask me to turn it down.  I like it loud.  Ha-ha.)  We also developed a tradition of having our own praise and worship every Christmas with the karaoke machine.

As our family grew, so did our love of Christian music.  We have been blessed enough to attend a few concerts even.  With groups like Skillet, Toby Mac, Third Day, Todd Agnew.  For me, Todd’s was the most special.  We were at a World Pulse Festive and my husband saw an advertisement that he was going to be at a local church.  Hubby made it all happen getting the tickets, getting time off work, getting someone to watch the kids.  Because he knew how much I enjoyed listening to Todd.  At the concert we were able to sit in the front row.  There were problems with the equipment and instead of stopping the concert, he ending up singing a lot of it acoustic. Which was wonderful!

Looking back at my “life in music”, I can see that my parents played different music all the time.  My dad liked the rock and heavy metal while my mom liked country.  And I don’t recall them ever telling any of us kids that we weren’t allowed to listen to a particular song or group of any genre.  If they did, it was never enforced. Now a days I listen to strictly Christian music.  I enjoy the hard rock and contemporary. While my hubby likes just about every kind of Christian music out there.  He is the ultimate music nut.  (And that is a complement)  Our oldest son follows hubby’s direction in that area.

Unlike my parents, we have told our children that we don’t want them listening to certain songs, individual singers, or groups that are in the secular world.  We take the time to explain that not all music is appropriate   Whether others around us (their family and friends) agree with us or not.  This has not been especially easy for them to do however.  Their friends talk about or sing the music, the bus drivers have played the music, the stores and shopping malls have played that music, and even their music teachers have had them sing that kind garbage at school concerts.  Recently, at my daughter’s choir concert some of the kids sang “Lady gag me with a spoon” song of paparazzi.That’s right garbage.  With that said, we also don’t force our children to listen to only Christian.  As Sierra said she likes country and pop also.  Our youngest son also enjoys jazz.

What we do is guide them to understand that music is to be enjoyed throughout your soul.  That not only should the notes played make you want to move but the words as well.  The direction of your movement is where you make the choice of, is this song or the person singing it,  representing me in a good light to not only my morals but to God.  We want our kids to understand that what they put into themselves is what they give out to others.  So when garbage goes into to you, you give out garbage to everyone else.

We are given a huge responsibility in the raising of our children.  In every area of their lives we are to direct them in the morally correct way to live.  This should also include the music they listen to.  Throughout history music has been a “hot topic” with the youth. Now the way we listen to music in our house may not change the world to doing the same.  But it has opened the minds of some of the friends that my kids have.  Which is a step.  Remember all walks begin with a step.  And so, I pray that as my children have their own children the steps will multiply.  That spiritual minds wake up and get out of the covering of garbage that is laid on them from the secular world.   That they find that music can be enjoyed, uplifting, spirit filled, and worshipful to God and not to themselves.   If you haven’t yet listened to any Christian music, I encourage you to at least try different varieties of it and see if you can handle it.  Because through out His music, He is speaking to you.  You will either push it away or soak it all in.  Again showing us the gift of choice.  I am blessed that my children truly enjoy listening to Christian music. I am even more blessed when I get to see them sing it to God.  Not because they are told to and not because they feel pressured. But because they choose to.  So what do you choose?


One Response

  1. Music is an intricate part of all aspects of life. I too prefer the simpler tunes of the oldies. Well, maybe not simpler, but more innocent, I guess. Even as a teen I never liked the hard rock or heavy metal, preferring the softer music, especially classical. With ballet as my sport, and then modern dance when I realized I was too tall to pursue a career in ballet, my taste in music was different from most of my friends.

    I don’t care for Christian rock. Too much of it is too loud with too much guitar and drum. (Now I am really dating myself!) I do like the softer hymns and songs that feature more vocals than instrumentation, the violin being my favorite instrument.

    Great post, Tonya.

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