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  • December 2011
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It Was Her Birthday

That’s right, yesterday was my sweet baby girl’s15th. birthday.  You know, that child of mine who wrote Todays Music?  She was due on Christmas Day.  But because she was to be a c-section we planned for her to be one week early.  She was screaming even before they had her completely out of my tummy.  Beet red and screaming.  My life has never been the same.  It has been for the better.

The day before yesterday(Saturday)she and I had spent our time at my sister’s having a belated birthday sleepover for my niece.  She had 4 other girls that came for the party and they all had a blast.  My sister decorated the house quite nicely with animal print that my niece had asked for.  We did clay facials, painted nails, they played a truth or dare game, watched a movie, played hide and seek, they sprayed silly string all over each other, me and the down stairs.  Sissy cleaned it and my youngest niece who is 3 was appalled at the mess.  She was saying over and over how it was everywhere and her face expressions were so sweet that all we could do was laugh about how disgusted she was by it all.  The night was long, as most sleepovers are.  We got up early the next morning to strange noises and longing to be home.  My oldest need to be at work early, I was needed to pick up the hubby from his truck that he had been in for another two weeks.  When we got home, we presented our girl  with her birthday present.  A Epiphone guitar that the hubby picked up in Laredo, TX.  while he was laid over there for two days.  Sierra was soooo sweet in helping me and my sister.  She loves all of her cousins and would without thinking, do anything for them.  She was very surprised to have gotten the guitar.  But in our house if they ask for something for their birthday or Christmas and it is reasonable, we get it for them.  Yes, we love to spoil them.  She is an awesome daughter.  Here is a little bragging that I can do.  She is an honor roll student with straight A’s.  She knows how to and wants to talk to her daddio and I about things that affect her life.  She looks out for all of her family and friends.  She tries to do the right thing in everything.  She knows herself and is a strong young girl.  She loves God with all that she is.  She talks to God every chance she gets.  She is loved very deeply by friends and family.

After the gift giving and a little playing on it, we went to the mall.  Where she pointed out some boots that she saw the last time we were there and had thought she liked.  We got them for her.  Then we walked around a little and looked into a few stores.  It was time to eat.  We then headed to Red Lobster.  For those who may not know, it is a nice seafood sit down restaurant.  The food was good but the service not so much.  Although the food didn’t agree with baby girl.  She threw up later that night.  Hubby made her feel better by saying a bad joke.  “Well, it’s your barf-day.”  She laughed and even repeated it and laughed some more.  She is a good sport.  I couldn’t have gotten a better daughter.  I am very proud to say that I am her mom.  Now I have to get planning on her sweet 16.  It’s only a year away and being so close to Christmas I will have to get on the ball.


2 Responses

  1. I’d brag on a daughter like that as well! Very pretty girl. What a wonderful memory you both will cherish for years to come.

  2. You are so very kind to give her such a nice comment. I think she blushed a little when I read it to her. Thank you.

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