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  • December 2011
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A Viewing Of Yourself

With New Year’s only days away, this is usually the time when people reflect back at their life and make resolutions to break bad habits or start good ones.  Let’s go into thought about ourselves and let’s say you drop dead right here, right now, dead.  What would be the first thing to enter your mind?  Would it be what others would say about you?  Do you think you know what would be the first or most common thing said about you?  Would your bad habit be brought up?  What about a good one?  Who do you think would miss you the most and why?  Just what or who would be your first concern?  Was it that load of laundry sitting in the middle of your bedroom floor or that the house is  a mess?  The Scouts have a motto, “be prepared.”  There is a message that a lot of mothers tell their children when they leave for somewhere.  “Make sure you have on clean underwear.  In case you’re in an accident.  Here are some things that I have heard people say about others who have died.  “Oh, her house was always soooo clean.  You could eat right off the floors.”  “He was always such a hard worker.”  “He was a family man.”  “She was always so sweet, she had a smile for everyone she met.”  “He would give a stranger the shirt off his back to help them.”  “He/She was such a Godly person.”  When you first thought about you being dead, was God the first thing you thought about?  Was it how you would look to Him?  Are you actually being the person you know you should be or are you doing what others expect you to be.  Are you (even after death) putting great importance on what others think about you.  If so, Why?!?  You’re dead, there’s not one thing you can do to change their minds now.  Nor can you change God’s once you are dead from this world.  Matthew 3:17  And suddenly a voice came from heaven saying, This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.  Remember this was said about Jesus before He died.  What is important is the here and now.  To accomplish what He desires from you, for you, about you.  So have a viewing of yourself and resolve to break bad habits and to start good ones.  Just make sure you are doing them for the right reasons.


4 Responses

  1. Beautiful post my friend.Thank you for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop at Katherines corner. xo

  2. This is thought provoking…clean underwear….but God is the first thing to be said, I would Hope!

  3. Hello Kim, Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I was waiting for someone to grab hold of that statement. As superficial as it may seem,Unfortuntely the truth is the world does look at themselves first right down to their underwear. I would also hope that God would be first. I didn’t even get into how one might see themselves dying. As into the actual cause. I can hear a lot of people saying they would hope to die in their sleep so that they wouldn’t have to suffer or be in any pain that might prolong their death. People look at the most convenient way(for them and them alone) to get around anything. Without knowing what God or others really think about them. We all try to see ourselves as good people. But again our own reality is bias.

  4. I hadn’t finished your post & thought what IS the first thing that I would think… truly coming off the top of my head it was, ‘Am I going to heaven?’…. as in ‘Wow, this is so surreal that I’m going to heaven”… not “Hmmm? Am I going to heaven or hell”… Glad to know that that’s MY first thought… as for the things here?… I won’t really care ’cause I’m going to heaven!! Woo Hoo!!! I have really been working hard to get rid of excess in my life, home, brain… Hopefully, I’ll be able to accomplish that feat before I do die. I figure people will think what they want one way or another. Those who really know me are the only ones whose opinion counts anyhow.

    Happy New Year!

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