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Thymus: A lymphoid organ situated in the center of the upper chest just behind the sternum (breastbone). It is in the thymus that lymphocytesmature, multiply, and become T cells. (That is why they are called T cells. The T is for thymus.)

The thymus develops in embryonic life as an outgrowth of a structure known as the third branchial pouch which is invaded by lymphoid stem cells. They arrive through the blood and enter the outer cortex of the thymus, where they proliferate. They move through the inner cortex, mature and acquire T cell surface markers. And then in the medulla (center) of the thymus, they become fully mature T cells and enter the bloodstream. The process of T cell maturation is regulated by hormones produced by the thymus, including thymopoietin and thymosin.

The thymus reaches its greatest size at puberty. It then begins to involute and much of the lymphoid tissue is replaced by fibrous tissue and fat. Its function accordingly declines after puberty.

In my post: My War….My Confession  I had told you that I had been taking anti-depressants and that I might let you know as to why.  Well the above definition is the culprit.  Around 2008 I was siting at my desk, on the computer.  And all of a sudden I starting having severe chest pains.  I got up from the desk and walked slowly into our living room.  The pain got so bad that I dropped to my knees.  I starting feeling as if something extremely heavy was sitting on and slowly crushing my chest.  My oldest son called 911 while my daughter called my husband.  The life squad came and accessed that they did not think I was having a heart attack, which I was disagreeing with.  They did take very good care of me and rushed me to the hospital for further evaluation.  After a slew of tests, the doctors also accessed that I was not having a heart attack.  Two days later I was able to get in to see my regular doctor and he referred me to an oncologist. Which in layman terms is a cancer doctor. I had another episode within that week which also sent me to the hospital again.  The oncologist then had a slew of tests for me to go through.  The blood work, the x-rays, the cat-scans, the stress test, the urine test.  No Tumor, No Cancer!!!  Also No real answers.  I got sent to Pulmonary doctor : lung doctor.  He was not so nice, but I knew he knew his stuff.  He ran his tests, and then placed me on the anti-depressants medicine plus two inhalers.  One for everyday and the other on an as needed basis.  For now, I’m off the everyday one.  But I still have to use the as needed one sometimes.  All the while, in between both specialists, I was also seeing my family doctor.  I finished with all the extra tests, getting poked and prodded in 2009.  That summer we discovered that our youngest also has his thymus that can cause him trouble with his asthma.  Now I don’t know why after 30 some years of life, out of the blue, something like this happens to a person.  Sometimes life just happens.  But I do know that it showed me a lot of love from my family.  They look out for me even now.  I don’t dare place my hand on my chest without a very good reason or else I will have everyone staring at me asking me if I can breathe and if I am alright.  When I had my first bout with my thymus, my kids were under the watchful eyes of my neighbors until my family came for them.  All the while I knew that God was also watching.  I did not worry about them.  Which is probably the first time I had stopped worrying about them.  That was the start of a lot of medical problems for my family.  But I will not let it break my peace and love for them.


2 Responses

  1. Sending hugs, prayers and my continued friendship. So happy it wasn’t cancer. But so sorry you have to deal with this and now your son too. Thank you for linking to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop linky party. Big Hugs and smooches and wishes for a beautiful weekend. P.S. Did you get your entry in for the sweetheart giveaway?

  2. Praying this condidtion can be cured, or at least controlled. I can only imagine the discomfort, the fear and the anxiety.

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