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Sharing Mushy Stuff

Have you ever noticed how it is that we get share our lives with the people we love?  All the ups and downs.  I mean really, when something happens, aren’t the first people we tell things to are the people we truly love?

Before we were married

On the 8th. of March the hubby and I celebrated our 19th. year of marriage.  Compared to some, we are setting a record and high standards.  Now, I said celebrated, which was calling one another and telling each other how much we mean to the other.  With hubby being a truck driver, we don’t get to be together every year for every special occasion.  We’re use to it.  That’s not to say we like it, just use to it.   So many times throughout the years, I have heard so many people say that they don’t think they could live like Joe and I do.  And the truth is they’re right.  If they could, God would allow them too.  We don’t get the date nights I keep hearing people talk about. We don’t all get to sit down at dinner every night.  I can’t plan a lot of things to do until I know if and when he will be home.  Because he could be out for two or more weeks.  Or they can change his route and he could be home today.  His home time is always involved with the kids.   I can say that if there is something (usually with the kids) that comes up that is very important like the birth of our children, Christmas(which is  something he has always been home for), birthdays, doctor appointments, surgeries, family emergencies, he finds a way to be home.

When my dad had a stroke, he made sure that I didn’t have to worry about who was going to watch the kids and it didn’t matter how long I needed to be away from the house.  When my mom had an attack of pleurisy,she thought it was a heart attack, Joe got all the kids ready and drove us to Ohio.  He knew that I was no shape to drive.  When I had my first attack from my thymus, he was in New York when my daughter called him.  He was home early the next day.  Our “little man” will be turning 10 this Sunday, and Joe will be home.  Which is saying something really.  Because Joe doesn’t get to be home on a Sunday very often.  Almost every Sunday at church people ask about him.  Now next year we will celebrate our 20th. anniversary, and I do expect him home.  It being a “milestone” and all.

Normally I have to go and pick Joe up from work or a truck stop( We are a one car family).  The drives are around an hour or more one way and the kids always want to come along.  They enjoy seeing all the ins and outs of daddy’s work.  Joe gets a kick showing them.  Joe is definitely a family man.
 A couple of weeks ago I was driving Joe back to the truck while the kids were at school and we got a chance to talk about things that we usually don’t talk about in front of the kids freely.  The conversation got turned around to us and how much we love one another and how blessed we feel to have each other in lives. Because of all the things in our past that could have taken us down different paths; not allowing us to have ever met.   I told him that we were made more than right for one another.  I have no fear when it comes to Joe.  I know that I can and will tell him everything without regretting it.  When something happens around the house, with the kids, dealing with church, or with family, he is the first person I call.  I can honestly say that I trust Joe.  I can honestly say that without being able to lean on him throughout the years, I would not be who I am today.  With all that he is to me, I owe him my love and respect.  I give it freely.  I share it with those that I love.

One of my favorite pics. of him


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations on 19 years spent with the man you love. You are right, respect comes first if you truly love each other. May you have many, many more happy years.

  2. Hello Cecilia, Thank you for your well wishes. I am looking forward to many more happy years with Joe.

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