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Educators At Their Finest (NOT!!!)

Well the school is showing their true colors again.  The following is a letter that I wrote to the superintendent.  Due to the lack of respect given to me and my sons.


On the 7th of May I received a phone call from Miss ***** who had to leave me a message due to the fact that I was out of range. It would have been nice to have had the time to call her back however, it was not even two minutes when she called my husband.
Due to the fact that when the school calls for whatever the reason they use a different number than we are given either on the web site or the school hand book, he didn’t recognize the number so he let his voice mail get it. His voice mail was also from Miss *****, who told him that she had just tried to call me and had to leave a message and that she was now leaving him a  message and would be calling his grandmother. Who is our emergency contact when neither of us are able to be reached.  This was no emergency. We were both told that there was an incident at school involving Sam (our youngest son) and that the principle would like for him to be picked up and that Mrs. ****** would like to speak to me.  When I received the notice that I had a voice mail, I immediately called the school back.  I do not know who it was who answered the phone because all that was said was, “***** Elementary”  I responded be saying that I was Tonya Hall and I was returning a call.  Then Miss. ***** got on the phone and restated the message that she had left.  I then asked as to what kind of incident had happened.  She informed me that she was unaware as to what it was about.  Leaving my imagination to wonder the worse.  I told her that I would be there as soon as I could.  And while I was trying to settle things at my house so that I could leave I called my husband to inform him as to what was going on.  He then told me that he had gotten the same message.   In addition, he was quite upset that she referred to me as Tonya and not Mrs. Hall.  Driving as safely as I could with my oldest son, while my mind was wondering, I arrived at the school in about 15 minutes.  We walked up to the door seeing 4 to 5 women at the desk laughing and smiling.  One of the women turned and looked at us and then continued to laugh.  My oldest had to ring the bell so that we could be buzzed in.  Only to find my youngest son, sitting all by himself in the waiting area of the main office.  His eyes were beet red from the crying he had been doing.  No one introduced themselves.  But I was asked if I was “Tonya”.  Sam came up to me and told me as to why he was in trouble.   It was only after I stood there looking at the ladies that one of them told me that Mrs. ****** was already in a meeting and that it shouldn’t be too much longer.  After 20 minutes of sitting, she was then ready to talk to us.  I informed her that I now only had 5 minutes until I had to leave because I had to take my oldest son to work.  She then gave somewhat of an apology for us having to wait and then told me that she had been in meetings back to back since 1:30.  She sat down and told Sam to give her the red paper she had given him.  (Keep in mind that she did not ask him if he had it or even asked for it. No, she told him to give it to her). He said he didn’t have it and that she had taken it back from him already.  She acted as if she had no recollection of this.  She then proceeds to tell me that Sam was sent down to see her because he had been yelling in class.  I stopped her right there because Sam had told me that it had happened in the hallway.  She then acted as if it didn’t matter where it happened.  Sam had gotten into an argument while leaving art class with a girl in class.  As to whether or not ghosts are real.  She was saying that they were and he was saying that they were not.  They bickered back and forth for a while.  Sam lost his temper and started yelling, “ No they are not real.”  (Both teachers  were in the hallway and neither one of them even tried to stop the bickering before things got out of hand).  However after Sam yelled, his teacher Mrs. *******, motioned for him to come to her.  When he did, she didn’t ask him anything or try to talk to him about his behavior.  No, she sent him to the office.  After he arrived at the main office and he had to wait for about 20 minutes to speak to the principle.  When she came out of the office she went straight to the copy machine.  (Not even acknowledging him).  He then approached her and said that he need to speak with her.  There was also another teacher who arrived after Sam did.  Who by the way spoke to Mrs. ****** before Sam did. Mrs. ****** had Sam write down what had happened(The red paper).   After she was finished speaking to the teacher, Sam went into her office and they started talking about what happened.  While he was trying to explain things to her, she kept interrupting him.  Which got him even more upset than he already was.  He then lost his temper again and yelled at her to “Please let him speak”.  Mrs. ****** informed me that she was embarrassed about this because her door was open and that others in the main office could hear him.  So she then informs him that he just got himself a day of suspension.  Which brought him to tears.  She then started pulling out other things that she had put into his file things that had already happened.  She told him that with all of this and with what he just did he deserved a suspension.  ( I wasn’t aware that you could or should be punished for past events).  During my conversation with Mrs. ******, she informs me that Mrs. ******* had threatened my son about not being able to go on an upcoming field trip because of his  past behavior.  Mrs. ****** seemed perfectly fine with this.  I did try to tell Mrs. ****** that the reason for yelling at her was due to Sam feeling that she was not listening to him and.  She then looked surprised and asked me,” So that is supposed to excuse it?”  My response was, “No, I’m just trying to tell you why.”  He felt like that was the only way to get her to hear him.  She then informed me that she hadn’t even talked to Mrs. ******* about what had happen, nor was Mrs. ******* in our meeting.  I do not know as to why.  However I think it would had been beneficial if she had.  That is when I had enough.  I stood up and told Mrs. ****** that I was done.  Not only had I stayed longer then I should have, but she hadn’t even talked to the teacher who was involved.  She then had a whine in her voice and told me that I needed his suspension papers.  I told her to send them to me.  She then said, “ Well I’m supposed to give them to you before you leave.” I walked out with both of my sons.  We are sick and tired of feeling like Sam is getting, in a sense, Bullied by not only the kids in the classroom who push him to the point of yelling, but the teacher and principle as well.  We are not condoning his behavior.  Sam acted rude and disrespectful to his class and to Mrs. ******.  However, we can understand as to why. He feels like everyone is against him.  Like there is no one who is willing to actually listen to him.  Mrs. ****** claimed that Sam wants to blame everyone except himself.  While that may be true in some cases, I don’t believe that it is in every case.  And even though we have kept Sam home for the suspension, we do not agree with the suspension and would like it to be permanently removed from his record.

On the 13th. Of March we had our second conference of the year.    To  which I had to call to find out when and at what time the conference was to be. During which time we were first informed that Sam was having outbursts during class.  We had not been given any information about that before.  We felt ambushed.  Especially when we were told that they (Mrs. ******* and Mrs. ******) had made a contract and had Sam sign it.  The contract stated that if Sam did act out he would then be referred.  (Whatever that is supposed to mean).  I stated right then and there that I did not appreciate the fact that they did not talk to us first and that they had him sign it without his parents knowledge.  They felt that it would “help” Sam in knowing how or how not to behave.  Mrs. ******* last words to us were that she wanted us to be a “team”.  Given the fact that Mrs. ******* hadn’t even tried to contact either of us about Sam we seriously doubted that she meant that.  No, she has in fact written in Sam’s assignment notebook notes to me telling me how and when to sign off on his assignments.  We stated during that conference that they could have called, e-mailed, sent a note home.  I would have also suggested using the progress book however when we had our first conference Mrs. ******* informed me that she doesn’t use it. (Tax payers money that she is wasting).  That she prefers to write things down in the kid’s assignment.  Which is more like Mrs.  ******* likes to tear up his assignment notebook by stapling everything on it so that not only are there now holes in it from the staples but as you tear off the pages it rips the assignment papers as well. (I was unaware that it was ok for a teacher to destroy something that the parents have paid for).  By the end of the conference my husband and I decided that Sam would be taking on line school for the following school year.  Had I known that he was going to receive such awful treatment I would have started it sooner.  Now I know that Mrs. ******* isn’t a special education teacher but I wasn’t aware that patience and a little understanding was only for those students who take such classes.  I would also like to inform you that this letter will be posted on my blog which you can view at.  I will however take the names out so not to embarrass anyone.


Thank you,

Joseph and Tonya Hall


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  1. unbelievable that just isnt rite at all

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