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Niceness, Do You Get It?

My youngest Sam, got up this morning and asked if it was alright if he watched some T.V.  After I gave him permission, he proceeded to surf through the channels.  Most of the shows he skipped for one reason or another.  However, when he did see something that he liked and knew that I would approve, I stopped and watched a little on my way to the kitchen.  There were these cars running around a town trying to learn how to do something nice for another.  There was one little car that was asked by almost all of the other cars to help them in one way or another.  His response was that he was too busy trying to find something nice to do for someone, so he simply could not stop and help them. Now this may seem like a simple and easy task for this little car.  Sam yelled at the car, ” That was your nice thing!”  Then he looked very seriously at me and said,” He just doesn’t get it.”  All I could think about for hours was Sam saying “He just doesn’t get it.”  There are a lot of people who “just don’t get it.”

There was a movie a while back called, Pay It Forward.  The idea was when something nice was done for you, then you do the same for someone else and ask that they also do the same for another.  So that by the time everyone  in your town had done something nice they had also received something nice.

There also use to be commercials where someone did a nice deed and when someone saw them do it, it put them in the mind of also doing something nice for someone.  For the life of me I can’t remember who did those commercials.  But I do remember that my kids liked watching them.  It would put some sort of peace and hope in their eyes for humanity. Hey, I found the first commercial! Enjoy!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMwoexR1evo

So there I was in the middle of my kitchen trying to think of the last nice act I had done.  My mind was a blank.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do things for people all the time.  (Not tooting my horn.)  I go to invites that I get when they don’t collide with another invite.  I help out people when I see them on the side of the road; or at least have the hubby or oldest son. (They know more about cars than I.) I send out thank you cards for those who have given a gift. But to do something nice without thinking about it, without begrudging having to do it, without it being an obligation, no.  I started to get angry with myself.  Just what kind of example of a mother am I being anyway!  This week I am trying to do something nice for 9 people all at the same time.  My sister has 7 kids.  Her oldest is 13 and her youngest are twin boys who will be 2 in July.  Now that school is out for the summer,I will keeping all 7 for a whole week.  So with my 4 that means I will have 11 kids in my house all by myself.  Hubby will be working all week.  To some, this might sound a little crazy. But I couldn’t be happier. I have to tell you, I thought that being a mom had to be the greatest job in the world for me.  But when my oldest nephew was born, I was over the moon.

And yes, I was a little hormonal after having my Wil just 2 days before my nephew was born.  But I fell head over heels in love with that boy from the moment I saw him.  He is to this day, the only redheaded guy that I find attractive.  Sorry but true.  It never really hit me until that moment I held him, that I was now an Aunt.  I knew for 9 months that I was going to be one.  I guess it was the importance of it all that finally hit me.  I hope that we all have a good time for the week.  I hope that sis and her hubby are able to get some rest and some peace and don’t know what to do with themselves without the kids.  Oh, by the way, I’m not the crazy one in the family. We leave the crazy title to our mom.  Sis also runs a daycare out of her house.  We girls just love kids. So now I have two missions to conquer.  The first being to smile at everyone, and the second is to do a nice act for people whether I know them or not.  Some might think that smiling in itself is a nice act.  Maybe that’s true depending on the person you’re smiling at.  But for most, it wouldn’t be.  However, I will have to warn you that if and when you do a nice act, you are also helping yourself.  Because you start to feel good.  I mean really good.  And your smile will then be with you without you having to think about it.  Vicious cycle I know, but so well worth it.


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