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  • July 2012
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Are Your Roots Showing?

Ephesians 3: 17-19  That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; And to know the love of Christ which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.

Have you ever read those scriptures?  I have several times.  They happen to be some of my favorite.  They always makes me think of a huge solid tree, that no means of the wind could just push down.  A tree that is stuck and is unwilling to budge to anyone or anything that wants it to move.  My thought is that of a fully grown tree with branches that reach out to every aspect of the sky.  Strong and thick branches that would be more than good enough for a tree house to be built on.  Lush and vibrant leaves sprout out of those branches.  So much that the sun is barely able to reach the ground.  So much that it holds the rain drops as one would see the puddles on the ground.  Can you picture it with me?  Do you see the strength in the tree?  With it’s roots as thick as your thighs.  Able to grab a hold of the dirt around it with such ease.  Never to allow the ground to crumble around it.  The trunk too wide to hug.  A tree that no mere ax could chop through.  The tree I see is already at full maturity.  I have to remember that there were decades of steps, lets say a process that the tree had to go through in order to get to that maturity.  It all starts with a death.  The death of a seed.  The moment a seed, no matter what kind it is, starts to germinate, it is no longer a seed.  It has in essence died.  It has transformed into something else.  It begins to grow.  It begins to take on a new shape.  It begins to root itself into the ground.  Right from the beginning, it begins rooting.  It is very small, weak, susceptible to everything that comes in contact with it.  If it doesn’t grab hold tightly it can be tossed about by any wind or breeze.  As an animal runs it over, it can be pulled out and left to die on the surface floor.   The rain could come and pound it over and over until it washes away with the rest of the debris.  Years and years of this will transpire before the tree becomes the beast that I envision it now to be.  And yet, it survives.  It becomes strong.  It becomes the mature monster of a tree.  Throughout every event that it has to endure.  Day in and day out.  It becomes stronger and stronger.  That is what our outcome is to be as well.  We will have to endure all the day in and day out events that come our way in order to become the strong living for God person that God would have us to be.  We are not to complain or whine about the trouble or turmoil that we will have.  We are to turn to Jesus and DIE so that we will transform into something else that grows.  To no longer be who we were.  To be grounded in Love.  When those, who have yet died, come in contact to you, are they able to see your roots?  Do they know beyond a doubt that you can not be uprooted from your faith?  Are you able to show others how to plant themselves into the word?  Dear ones, reach in, and grab hold to as much as you can.  Let it get under your nails and into every pore.  So that you become the smell of it.  Allow the love of God change you into something more than what you are.



One Response

  1. I love your analogy, Tonya. Yes, let Him change us into more than we are.

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