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Party Over Here, Party Over There

I talked about being hungry the other day.  Since then, there has been a thought that has entered my mind.  And although it may sound a little farfetched, I’m  going to tell you anyway.  Just how would it look if we “Christians”  met in one area just to praise God.  Now, I know that we meet in church on our respective days of the week.  But, what would it look like if we, of all denominations, got together and met just to fellowship and praise God.

Kind of like a Woodstock but without all the sex, drugs, and drinking.  I think that would be such a sight.  However, I also don’t see anything like that happening.  Because there is so little love being spread across the world.  There would be some who wouldn’t come because a certain so and so was or wasn’t speaking.  There would be others who would make an excuse that it would be too far to drive or fly there.  And I can hear others saying that they couldn’t make it due to their schedule.  Plus there is always an issue of music.  Even if we divided an area into sections some would asking “Who would we allow to play; or what kind of genre of Christian songs would be playing.”  “Would dancing be allowed and so forth.”  All the excuses would stop everyone from coming instead of people realizing that God meets anyone who calls on Him no matter how they call Him.  What a glorious party it could be!   There would always be some who could not be motivated enough to worship God with other Christians.  As if they all had some kind of “Christian disease.”  We can read in Acts where all the Christians, at that time, were gathered together and praying and worshiping God and the Holy Spirit came on all of them.  Could you imagine if all the Christians of today’s age got together.  What a beautiful image that could be.

How much more could we learn about God!?!  How much more could we learn about each other!?!  How much more could we help each other!?!  To my knowledge, what happened in the book of Acts has never been attempted again.  The reason as to why not, I do not know.  Except to say, that we allow fleshly differences to get in our way.  We can get behind a prayer for someone who has cancer, or a church who is in danger of being torn or burned down, some executive who speaks his own beliefs.  But to gather the body, the actual church together, no I don’t think the parts can be placed together for a time just to praise, and get nothing else out of it than praising their God.  No, I truly can’t see it.  I would love it if someone or a group of someone’s could pull it off and prove me wrong.  We have had revivals and conventions, even crusades but nothing on the scale that I am talking about.  Where we all over the world could gather, praise, and love the One who first loved us.  How hungry would we have to be to actually get something like this done?  Well, how hungry are you? Where is the church?


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