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  • December 2012
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Looking Forward and Looking Back

Well we had a very nice Christmas.  Joey was home from his break and was blessed to be able to go back to work at Frisch’s (For those who don’t have those, it is simply a sit down restaurant with a drive thru.  Their food is good and wholesome.)  Joe was also home for Christmas, but I had to drive him back to his truck that night.  I just wish that he had felt better than he did.  After about a couple of hours of being up, he started feeling bad.  Fatigue and hollowness in his legs starting taking over.  I was glad that he was at least home so that he could go to bed and get some much deserved rest.  This is just another day that his MS decided to show up again.  Everyone got surprises (as in the presents that they got.) myself included.  We celebrated my daughters 16th. Birthday and my niece’s 11th plus another niece’s 4th.

Baby Girl's Sweet 16

Baby Girl’s Sweet 16

My Sweetheart's 11th. Birthday

My Sweetheart’s 11th. Birthday

Miss B's 4th. BirthdayMiss B’s 4th. Birthday

We were also able to go to my in-laws, for a Christmas gathering, that live an hour away.  My mother-in-law can make some of the best little deserts you’ve ever tasted.  And of course she made a set of everything for each of us.  So there went on another set of hips and thighs.  But they are so worth it.  And we have had the snow.  With the first round of it, the kids were jumping out of the skin in anticipation to play in it.  They didn’t care that the weatherman was calling it a blizzard.  I wouldn’t have called it that myself.

Dec 27 2011_2582Dec 27 2011_2585I don’t think we even got 6”.  However, I do understand that with our snow there was also several thunderstorms coming up from the south as well.  We have had a few days of snow since then also.  Still not much but enough to have to be shoveled off the streets and such.  Oh, we have also had my three nieces over here.  I so love these girls.  We have been having fun shopping ,dancing with the x-box, have tickle attacks, taking and picking up Joey from work, and good old talking about everything under the sun.  (Which means anything that they are willing to talk about, because they aren’t much into talking?)

So Now I am getting ready for the new year and all the kids getting ready to go back to school.  That has a lot of mixed emotions with it.  Because I love having the kids’ home every day, but I also know that, they miss their friends from school.  Of course, I will have to get back to teaching Wil and Sam again.  Switching routines again will be trying for Sam.  He doesn’t like change of any kind.  He has a very hard time accepting it.  Even if it been talked about for days to a week before, it happens.  So slowly, we add something every day until the day of, then we will be doing it without such a shock to his system.  I will go back to missing Joey in Tulsa. I will be happy that he is still where he is supposed to be.  I will be happy that he is turning into a fine young man.  I can see so many changes in him already.  I am so grateful that they are good changes.  I am sad and happy at the same time that I am watching my daughter Sierra, grow into a young woman.  I laugh at those around us who still talk to her as if she is still a little girl.  For they are missing out on her insight.  I am happy that Wil is stepping into the oldest boy of the house role.  Although he is miss stepping some things,  he is watching out for everything.  Wisdom is coming from him.  He keeps to himself and tries to be a peacemaker.  I will look on to the following year with my own anticipation at to what God has in store for each of us.  Because each day with God, is better than the last.  We should look forward to a whole year with excitement!


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