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The Vs.

This week marks the 40th. Year of Roe vs. Wade.  This law has aggravated me (to say the very least) for the longest time.  No more so than when I had my first miscarriage.  Losing my first son almost did me in.  I was angry at the world and I didn’t care that I was losing myself in the process.  I was young, had just left my first husband and living with my parents.  Not the ideal situation.  And then to lose the one good thing I had going for me….. I felt like my life was going nowhere very fast.

I had my second miscarriage after I was married to Joe.  We lost a girl.  Again, my life went into shambles.  The one and only thing that got me through both miscarriages is knowing that Jesus carried both of them to heaven and were with God All Mighty.   Without knowing that I would have never made it.  There were so many people who wanted me to have an abortion when I was pregnant the first time.  I still don’t understand why people believe that a child is something to be killed and then thrown away as if it was like week old trash and was stinking up the house.  I have spent some time listening to the tapes dealing with the court hearings on Roe vs. Wade and the one thing that sent me reeling was when the lawyer said the baby got in her way!!! So that she couldn’t work!!!   They also tried to say that since a baby couldn’t vote, then the baby had no rights!  They used the word fetus instead of baby also.  I will not ever call a true tangible gift from God with such a nasty, medical, word.  They stated that abortion was illegal because it protected the mother.  Whether that was the true reason was never really found out.  But I would say it would be just another good reason.

Maybe I feel a little more strong on this issue than some.  Solely for the reason that had it became law two years early, I wouldn’t be here right now, nor any of my kids.  You see, I grew up being told that my mom (who was 16 when she had me) she didn’t want me and my dad(who was 19) he did.  I was the reason that they even got married.  This knowledge only set me with emotional boundaries with the people who I had to rely on to guide me through life.  This is probably the reason I am so over protective with my children.  I want no harm to come to them.  And although I couldn’t protect them as well as my emotions want to, I think I have done a pretty good job so far.  Although I still have times when I look back and tell myself that I maybe could have handled a situation or two a bit better.  This is where my prayers come in so much better than just letting come what may.

I absolutely loathe that law.  I can understand that there may come a time when a woman might (and that is a big might) have to choose between her life and the life of her baby.  Easy choice for me, the baby comes first.  I made that choice when Joey was born.  I told myself that no matter what was happening to me, there was no reason for them to save me and not him.  I even had Joe promise me before they put me under for an emergency C-section.  I had preeclampsia.  I’m told when he came out, he was blue.  He had to have been the most beautiful baby I had ever seen.  Yes, I know every mother says that about their child.  But after losing two, and having this one, my life was so complete.

I do not care how long or short you have been pregnant, that baby has a right to live.  So many in the world want children and yet can’t.  So many precious lives have been lost to this law.  The world is so lost in this knowledge.  When one hears of someone losing a child, whether it be due to a high-risk pregnancy, an auto accident, or illness, people act and say as if they feel bad for them.  So then why don’t people feel bad or act sad if a woman has an abortion?  Women don’t want to have to go through any inconvenience for nine months and then allow someone else to get the prize at the end of it.  No they want to be allowed to have sex with anyone, kill the baby so they can live the life that they want at that moment.  Selfishness!  Just plain Selfishness.  These women want to be taken care of instead of trying to understand what a privilege it is to take care of a baby who will grow into a productive adult.  The truly sad part is that babies have been killed even longer than most people know.  In Biblical times people who worshiped pagan gods would sacrifice their first born to them.  In other countries, babies are just tossed aside if they are not the desired sex.  Throughout thousands of years babies, who can’t  talk, or crawl, or walk to these parents to get them to understand that they are people just like them, are killed.  Pray for all of the unborn babies.  Those who have been gone in the past and for those who will be gone in the future.


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