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Ghost of the Church

Where is the Church? I mean really. Where are you people of God?!? Are you sitting on your back sides while others of the world are taking everything over? Where are those who will stand up for their faith? Where are those who will stand up for God? I’ll tell you they’re not here in America. No, they are in ….. Getting their heads cut off because they will not bow down to those who are against God. http://www.military.com/video/operations-and-strategy/battles/syrian-rebels-behead-christians/2525038454001/ Young and old, men and women. They have taken the stand against evil. Those are the ones who are winning souls. American Christians are boo- hooing about the things going on around them instead of standing on the Word. We have churches allowing gays to be married http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/11/politics/btn-same-sex-marriage/ let alone “teaching the word” now says it’s ok to be gay. We have so called men of God sexually abusing those in their church. We have people being harassed for not complying to gays. http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/city-threatens-to-arrest-ministers-who-refuse-to-perform-same-sex-weddings.html Which (the gays) is supposed to be a minority? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/15/health-survey-americans-gay_n_5587696.html We have people pushing for abortions. http://www.numberofabortions.com/ And the list could go on and on. It probably will.
When will the true Christians of this country stand and say enough. I’m not trying to promote hate. I’m not trying to promote anger. I’m trying to promote love back to God. Throughout all of this turmoil He still loves us. We Christians are not supposed to get along with this world. We are supposed to show Christ’s love to our neighbors and to God. We are instead hiding our eyes and ears like ostriches. Sticking our heads in the sand while the world takes over. There will soon be nothing too outrageous for anyone. The standards of people have gone so far down that it will take many generations to climb back to the straight and narrow path. But it only took a couple of generations to get here.

The crime rate has gone up across the country with the introduction of extreme islam, and isis. Whether people like to admit it or not, we in a spiritual war and have been for some time. But the world will tell you it is more important to concentrate on the color of a persons skin http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/us/ferguson-shooting-protests or what we call our children http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/10/09/gender-inclusive-school-district-says-drop-boys-and-girls-call-kids-purple/ The government isn’t really concerned with your health unless you’re giving them thousands upon thousands of dollars. They’re not concerned with making more jobs. Because since they have taken over the academics of our country the education of our children has gone to pot. http://www.broadeducation.org/about/crisis_stats.html Oh yeah, there another subject. Let’s look at the drugs that are now legal which would have gotten you thrown in jail just a few years ago. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-great-marijuana-experiment-a-tale-of-two-drug-wars-20140103 If, we as a Church, don’t start right now and make up our minds, hearts and souls, to stay with God rather than away from him, all will be lost to evil. I hear people say that this country was founded on Christian beliefs. Where are those beliefs now?


Looking Forward and Looking Back

Well we had a very nice Christmas.  Joey was home from his break and was blessed to be able to go back to work at Frisch’s (For those who don’t have those, it is simply a sit down restaurant with a drive thru.  Their food is good and wholesome.)  Joe was also home for Christmas, but I had to drive him back to his truck that night.  I just wish that he had felt better than he did.  After about a couple of hours of being up, he started feeling bad.  Fatigue and hollowness in his legs starting taking over.  I was glad that he was at least home so that he could go to bed and get some much deserved rest.  This is just another day that his MS decided to show up again.  Everyone got surprises (as in the presents that they got.) myself included.  We celebrated my daughters 16th. Birthday and my niece’s 11th plus another niece’s 4th.

Baby Girl's Sweet 16

Baby Girl’s Sweet 16

My Sweetheart's 11th. Birthday

My Sweetheart’s 11th. Birthday

Miss B's 4th. BirthdayMiss B’s 4th. Birthday

We were also able to go to my in-laws, for a Christmas gathering, that live an hour away.  My mother-in-law can make some of the best little deserts you’ve ever tasted.  And of course she made a set of everything for each of us.  So there went on another set of hips and thighs.  But they are so worth it.  And we have had the snow.  With the first round of it, the kids were jumping out of the skin in anticipation to play in it.  They didn’t care that the weatherman was calling it a blizzard.  I wouldn’t have called it that myself.

Dec 27 2011_2582Dec 27 2011_2585I don’t think we even got 6”.  However, I do understand that with our snow there was also several thunderstorms coming up from the south as well.  We have had a few days of snow since then also.  Still not much but enough to have to be shoveled off the streets and such.  Oh, we have also had my three nieces over here.  I so love these girls.  We have been having fun shopping ,dancing with the x-box, have tickle attacks, taking and picking up Joey from work, and good old talking about everything under the sun.  (Which means anything that they are willing to talk about, because they aren’t much into talking?)

So Now I am getting ready for the new year and all the kids getting ready to go back to school.  That has a lot of mixed emotions with it.  Because I love having the kids’ home every day, but I also know that, they miss their friends from school.  Of course, I will have to get back to teaching Wil and Sam again.  Switching routines again will be trying for Sam.  He doesn’t like change of any kind.  He has a very hard time accepting it.  Even if it been talked about for days to a week before, it happens.  So slowly, we add something every day until the day of, then we will be doing it without such a shock to his system.  I will go back to missing Joey in Tulsa. I will be happy that he is still where he is supposed to be.  I will be happy that he is turning into a fine young man.  I can see so many changes in him already.  I am so grateful that they are good changes.  I am sad and happy at the same time that I am watching my daughter Sierra, grow into a young woman.  I laugh at those around us who still talk to her as if she is still a little girl.  For they are missing out on her insight.  I am happy that Wil is stepping into the oldest boy of the house role.  Although he is miss stepping some things,  he is watching out for everything.  Wisdom is coming from him.  He keeps to himself and tries to be a peacemaker.  I will look on to the following year with my own anticipation at to what God has in store for each of us.  Because each day with God, is better than the last.  We should look forward to a whole year with excitement!

Changes Within The Family

Well, he went and did it, the little stinker.  Joey got admitted into ORU.  Not only will he be attending there this coming fall.  He also got their presidential scholarship!  So we are now looking into every aspect of stuff that he will need for the up-coming years.  We had, a few months back changed churches, I will not go into the details as to why.  When our former church  heard of Joey’s great news, they had asked us to attend a Sunday service so that they could announce the news to the congregation.  They were all so very supportive and kind to him.

Sierra is still going strong in learning how to play her guitar.  She is also showing great promise in thinking things through.  So many times she has been coming home and telling me of the behavior of other kids in her school and how she is seeing that they are making wrong choices.  Some examples are the way some dress, those that do dip (yes, even some of the girls around here do dip. GROSS!), who is hanging out with who, and the gossip that goes on.  And how in doing so they are making her think as to if she would do or act the same way. I thank God her answer has been NO.

Then we can look at Wil.  I don’t think I have talked about him nearly as much as I would like.  I call him Joe Jr.  He has the almost exact same attitude as his daddio. Well recently he has been sending out e-mails of the writing he has been doing.  I love it.  He is using his creativity, which he has a lot of.  Plus he is relating more to the word.  I asked his permission to share with you just what I mean.  Here is just a little of his writing.  Keep in mind that he is only 12.  Nor have I added or changed anything of his writing.

Title: Endure it all.    We need to keep up our strength in tough times. I don’t know exactly what you are going through, but I know that there’s a way. God can help us through all of our problems. In the Bible, almost everybody goes through some kind of misery or misfortune. Yet God helps them through it.

We all have problems whether we like to admit it or not. We all go through some kind of problems. A man in the Bible went by the name of Jabez, meaning ‘he who causes pain’. He was marked from childbirth. Can you imagine what people must have thought? “Hey He Who Causes Pain! Let’s go play football!” All he did was asked for the Lord to help him prosper. And God did.
All of our problems trace back to the curse of Adam and Eve with Satan as the main conspirator. Its hard imagine life without faults. We have lived with these problems for so long, they seem natural. But heaven has no sin, no problems, no worries. That seems to good to be true, and on Earth, it would be without God. But He loves us and without him, nothing at all would’ve happened at all. Nothing would have been made, and we wouldn’t have been even in spirit. This is even harder to imagine, as we think with our minds, not our spirits. We need to be calm in times of restlessness, cheerful in times of doubt, and most of all God-like in all our life.

Isn’t that just great?!?  I feel so blessed that God is working on and in him.  The hubby just went to the neurologist for a check up on his MS.  So far so good.  He will be going back in March.  These visits are always a little stressful.  You wonder what the results will be.  Whether or not the Dr. is actually hearing you. What the next course of action(if any) will be.  How the hubby will handle any news.  How I will handle any news.

Then we come to our little man, Sam, who is 9.  He is struggling.  He knows right from wrong, but lately he has been giving in to laziness and bad attitude.  Especially in school.  I pray for him a lot.  I have the faith that he will snap out of it and get in line with God soon.  He is like his oldest brother as to being soooo smart, but he doesn’t quite get it yet that he is still a kid that has to follow rules and behaviors in order to get along with others. I know some adults that still haven’t learned this lesson either. So for the time being we will have to be just a little harder on him.  Which breaks my heart.  But I know that this too shall pass.

I have been learning.  Learning more about my children, my husband, and about myself.  After seeing the movie, I went out and got the book Courageous  for Women.  There is a wealth of wisdom in it. It has caused me to ask a lot of question of myself. (Hubby says that I am already too hard on myself and probably thinks that I don’t need to ask these questions.)   I am re-learning how to take time for myself.  So that I am not so stressed about stuff that I shouldn’t be.   I have also been learning a few new(to me) crochet stitches.  I have been crocheting since I was a kid and it is something that I really enjoy.  During the fall I learned how to crochet beaded bracelets but now I am back to yarn.  I have done blankets for each of my kids.  And they actually want to use them.  Which makes a big smile for me.  I love that I have a hobby and I think it does me a lot of good.  I can listen to a book or sermon while I crochet, or go over the days events, listen to God speaking to me, and yes I even get to pray during this time.  So I am able to keep busy inside and out.  Changes come to all of us.  Whether good or bad; like it or not.  But if we are able to step back and take a look at them we just might be able to see where we need to ask for strength, patience, and understanding.  You might be able to see that there are more than just one road ahead of you to choose from.  You might be able to see where the first spark of enlightenment or mistake came from.  You might be able to embrace the change.  The wisdom of a 12 yr. old may surprise you sometimes.

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