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Words And Charity Part 2

Let us all give.  We all want that wonderful feeling that comes over us when we give a gift to someone and you can see that it is just what he or she needed/wanted.  Most of us, who give, don’t always get that vision to get us to give again or give more.  We hear about all that the “country” gives to other countries and then (at least I) hear about how upsetting it is when there are so many problems right here in the United States.  We do have problems.  These problems are not going to go away all on their own.  Not until we give.  Most people feel as if they already give enough because of all the taxes that are taken out of every ones checks before they even get to see how much they have made.  Then of course, we have our own monthly bills that have to get paid.  So the end of the paycheck is just that, the end.  For a lot of people there is no money “left over” after all of that.  But of course, Christians know that we are to first give our tenth to God.  Then the bills come last.  We want to “charity” the home first.  We look on money as if it is ours.  “We worked for it, of course it’s mine,……right?”  WRONG.  The money is God’s.  However, when we give to the church, what are you really looking at?  Are you looking at an extra pair of jeans for the kids, or are you seeing people being fed.  Are you keeping everyone in a cellphone or are you covering a young child with a blanket.  Are you feeling entitled to get a new pair of shoes or are you feeling entitled to medicate those who are without?  Charity begins at home, and we have to ask ourselves if our homes give to charity.  Not the other way around.

Now I am not saying that you can’t get the jeans, cellphones, or shoes. But what I am saying is, are you or I, giving charity first before the so called needs of our own?  I know that my kids can go for a long time before we have to get all the extras.  Having three boys, the younger two have had a lot of hand-me-downs.  My daughter and I love to go shopping.  We always have a good time.  But when we go, we go to the shops that aren’t on the norm.  You know, like the second hand stores or in the clearance section.  Then when we are home, we get to see just how much we saved on buying them there compared to the department stores.  We are never out of style.  At least, not unless we are in the mood to be.  The boys however get to (at least in their eyes) get new clothes every fall and spring.  We put all of the clothes that the older one has outgrown into a tote.  Then when the season has changed, so does their wardrobes.  They think it is great to be able to wear something that their “big” brother has worn.  Then with the clothes that no one can wear we donate.  Depending on how little or great the growth spurts have been dictates on how much we donate.  And the kids are excited about it all.  Because they have enjoyed their clothes so much and the thought of someone else wearing them is “cool” to them.

We try to get to know our neighbors, and if we hear that someone is in need of something we have, we give it freely.  Believe me, we have gotten some strange looks when we tell people to keep it (whatever it was).  We have taken the giving to others out of our church and put it into the hands of the government.  This should stop.  So now, if people want to give, they have to jump thru hoops to get it done.  People, I have found, distrust churches.  For reasons of their own, they think that the churches keep every single cent that comes to them.  Yes, churches do need money.  They have bills of their own to pay just as we do.  But we tend to turn our ears off when they talk about all the missionary work that they are pledging to.  Or the family whose house caught fire and now have nothing.  The beginning of charity should (I believe) begin in the home.  The home is where it is taught when and how to do it.  But that isn’t the only place of need.  Luke 6:38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom.  For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.


Do You Plant Good Seeds or Bad Seeds?

Have you ever attended a church service and thought to yourselves, ” I got nothing out of that.”  If so, have you ever taken the time to ask yourself, “Why not?”  Or did you just start complaining?  Recently there was a guest pastor who did a service and I really didn’t like his approach to the message he was giving.  All I could see was a T.V. Preacher….. only live and in person.  I felt as if the two hours at church was such a waste.  I did not feel uplifted, or as if I had anything to chew on (meditate).  Worse of all I blamed the pastor.  All the while, I know that it is my responsibly to get my spirit right with God, not the Pastor’s.  While going home we (as a family) always ask each other if the service was good and if they enjoyed it.  I did not set a good example.  I went spouting off everything that I did not like, even when the rest of my family had said that they did enjoy the service.  I place seeds of doubt, rudeness, being mean into their minds and spirits.

I know that not every service is meant just for me, the way I feel I need to hear it.  I know that every preacher is different in their way of preaching.  I know that with every word of God spoken, there is at least one person who needs to hear it the way it was given.  Preachers are God appointed for God’s will and not mine.  So it has come to my attention (even though the damage has been done) that the service was in fact for me.  Even if only to learn this lesson.  Now giving me the opportunity to apologize to God for all that I wasted and for the evil I did.  For I showed no Love in my words or attitude.

Those of us who attend church generally go because we like the way a church is.  Whether it’s the preaching, the music, the people.  But God always knows when and why to shake things up.  Even if we don’t like it at first.  Although I still don’t like the manner in which the sermon was given, it will not stop me from attending this church when the next a guest Pastor comes.  It does however give me the opportunity to open my heart, mind, and spirit more.  It does give me more opportunity to get closer to God.  To be more grateful for all the people He places in my life.

Teachers Of God Awake!!!

Have you answered the calling that the Lord Almighty has placed on you Christian?  Isaiah 52 has a great command for every Child of God.  As you read it, you can hear his desperation and then peace in his voice.  Too long has the Christian community slumbered.  We wake with the alarm and then hit the snooze button falling back to sleep.  Allowing dreams and fantasies to cloud our thoughts and hearing until the alarm goes off again.  

The eyes of heaven are upon us.  The look at those who God loves and those who love God.  The look with awe.  For we have been given undersvering privileges.  Privileges that we take for granted.  Psalm 8:4  What is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him?  1 Chronicles 16:23  We are told to tell all who will listen the good news.  We are called to teach it to them.  Who have you taught lately?  Teachers aren’t just the minister and preachers of our churches.

My children attend public school.  We do not always agree with their “teachers”.  But the reason is quite simple.  My husband and I are their Authorized Teachers.  Not those at their school.  No they are merely tools in aiding us in their education.  The same can be said of all the ministers and preachers in our church.  We know not what tomorrow holds.  We know only of the moment we have.  The work we do in that moment determines our willingness to obey.  A new year is upon us.  Have you set your alarm?  Are you prepared to get up when it goes off?  Or will you hit the snooze just one more time?    

Are You Reading?

Have you missed me?  If I look at my stats, the answer is no.  If I don’t write, you don’t come. No worries.  Not that my writing is anything classic.  No, the classics are to be read, re-read and read again.  The lessons that they foretell are for generations upon generations.  They bring back memories of your youth.  Some have enjoyed them, while others find them a nightmare.  The classics have gone through many reprints. They have passed through many different publishers.  The covers have been re-illustrated from time to time.  They have been placed in a variety of different book stores. They are waiting to be checked out of your local library.  Some hang on dusty bookshelves, while others are read so much that they are in need of rebinding.  Yes, they have gone through a lot. But the stories always remain the same.

I don’t really know the last time I read a classic.  My reading (which I thoroughly enjoy doing) has changed a lot through the years.  I now read more on things pertaining to moms, families, and homemaking.  However, the book that I read the most is the ultimate classic.  The Bible.  A person can look at someones Bible and tell if it is being used.  The pages are always made really thin.  The covers are usually leather and of one color or another.  You can get in a variety of different translations.  The text can be of small or large print with or without red letters.   Some will come with maps while others can have dictionaries.  There are those that are designed with themes geared toward men, women, teens and littles.  Yes there are a lot of different Bibles out there.   When it is read, it develops a look.  A look of flipped through.  A look of searching through.  A look of daily reading.  A look of weekly reading.  A look of no reading at all.

In my house, we each have two Bibles.  My husband was given a Bible from his mom.  When it started looking like it was on its last leg, he got another one to use regularly.  I bought my first Bible.  My husband gave me the other one that is centered around women.  We bought all four of our children their first Bibles.  My oldest bought another that is more of a study Bible, and out of the kindness of his heart, he bought his sister one as well.  My two younger boys were given teen study Bible from a great man at our church.  We all read out of both of our Bibles.  We read and re-read and re-read.  For the lessons that are foretold are for generations upon generations, no matter how many one may have.

Some will enjoy it while others will see it as a nightmare.  It will go through a lot of reprints and pass through many publishers.  It will have many re-illustrations.  It will be placed in many different book stores. And it will be available at your local library.   But the word always remain the same.

The Battle Of The Church

We all live. We all breathe air. We are a child from someone.  We all wear cloths.  We all get sick. We all have to take showers. We all have to shop. We all teach. We all will have to see the dentist. We all work at something.  We all have to use the bathroom.  We all have to eat. We all sleep. We all speak. We all experience joy.  We all experience pain. We all have big toes.  We all learn. We all have hard times.  We all laugh.  We all cry.  We all die.

There are great fights within our church.

When we look at one another, do you see all that we have in common?  The differences between us are our morals.  Morals are what we believe is true and righteous.  Proverbs 16: 8 Better is a little with righteousness, Than vast revenues with out justice. When you have the Lords righteousness, it doesn’t matter what else you don’t have.  So, even though we may not have the same practices we have a higher bond in common.

We don’t all believe in the same things.  Even those of us who believe in God, don’t believe another way of worship is better than the one we are currently doing.  The main point, God, gets left out of a lot due to the “way we do things”, or “rules” being put in the forefront.  And there causes the split between us. The same can be said with secular life.  One company does things one way and another company does it their way.  Both ways may be good, but both believe that their way is the only way.  Or you could even look at a dinner.  Two people can cook the exact same meal, the difference is how the meal is prepared.  No matter if different ingredients are used, or how prep is done.  And even though they may taste different, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s the same meal.

I believe that the Lord loves variety. Let me show you.

Trees are trees.  God has graced us with a variety of different kinds. But, when we look at each category of trees, we can find so much more. Example: the Maple.  Did you know, that there are approximately 129 different kinds of Maple trees.  This doesn’t change the fact that they are still trees. People are the same.  There are people living in approximately 195 different countries in the world.  We have 3 categories of races, with about 5000 different ethnic groups, give or take.  Again, it doesn’t change the fact that we are all people.  Just the way we go about living out our moral beliefs.

When we see people who live against our morals, it can be very hard to not judge them.  Our way of thinking must be the first thing to change if we are all wanting to live together for the glory of God.  We must see the person before we cast judgement of sin on them.  For it is only God’s judgement that holds true. (Although there are many scriptures that I can place here, I will leave you with this one.) Psalm 7:8 The Lord shall judge the peoples; Judge me, O Lord, according to my righteousness, And according to my integrity within me. We must make sure that our morals line up with His.  We must pray God will use us as an example of His mercy and grace.  We must see that there are varieties within varieties, within varieties. We must look away from our differences. We must see that it is God, that is our common ground.  Romans 12:3  For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith.  

The word measure doesn’t just mean portion or quantity.  It also means a standard.  For the fighting to end within the church, I will ask you, just whose standards are you going by, and how much of that standard do you use?  Although this battle has been going on for thousands of years, I pray that the church starts to see past the differences and see God.

What Do You Live For?

Confession:  It wasn’t until later in my life that I realized just who I was supposed to be living for.

I have been watching the youth of America for some time.  For the most part I’m not all that impressed.  The focus that they seem to have is “Me-ism“.  I have been smacked in the face of it so many times that I physically and emotionally hurt for them.  If I look back throughout history, I’m sure I could find just when and where it started.  Do you know where?  The Garden.  That’s right.  When sin came into this world the “me-ism” started.  People looking out for themselves only.  Looking at to how they can get ahead of everyone else.  To feel as thought they are the big man/woman.  Those that are unwilling to help others no matter how small of a sacrifice it might be.  To leave their own trash around expecting others to clean up after them.  Trash in the form of bad decisions, not following through on things, not committing to something, etc…  What is even sadder is that their parents are the ones who allow this kind of behavior.  Yes I said allow.  They feel bad for their child and clean things up because they feel like their child shouldn’t have to suffer.  In the long run, the child does the same things over and over again.  Because, instead of having to learn from mistakes that they have made and figuring out how to fix them, their parents baby them.  But then wonder why they don’t respect them. One might think that parents had never heard of Tough Love.  There are those that consider tough love as no love at all.  Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Is it hard?  Well yes it’s hard, that why it’s called tough. It’s not only tough on them, but you as well. When we as parents, don’t allow our children to make mistakes and guide them through how to fix it, then as they grow and move out of the house (although I know of some who never have.  But that’s another story) then they will never be able to become a person who doesn’t live for themselves.

But there are times, when I see a youth of sorts, doing something that just melts my heart. Like holding the door open for complete strangers, helping someone who has dropped something, volunteering for a clean up crew, wanting to go visit an elderly person.  When you see them doing something for someone else and not care if they receive anything in return.  The only do it because it is the right thing to do.  They show a small spark of God’s glory. Oh how I wish we could gather the sparks together and have a blazing fire. That would be so worth writing about. There are great churches and organizations that promote how and why we should do for others, and while you do these things you slowly, but surly, start to not only do the right things in life, but you lose the me-ism.   When we start to realize that we are to live our lives for God and God alone.  That is when we truly start to live!

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