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Religion -Views of a 12 Year Old


My youngest son and I and his older brother were having a discussion dealing with the movie Noah.  My son then starting going on about how things should be and how they actually are.  He had such strong feeling on the subject matter that I insisted that he write it down. So for your days viewing pleasure, here is what he wrote.  I do hope that you enjoy it and please keep in mind that he just turned 12.

Today the Government is so backwards- The Constitution isn`t being treated like it should, our basic Rights are being infringed, and worst of all- and what I`m here to talk about- is that Freedom of Religion isn`t recognized as a Right. Christians are being discriminated because of our belief in The Trinity. The World doesn`t care that the Chinese dude down the street chooses to believe in Buddhism. They don`t care that that Atheist guy who lives on the street corner decides to believe that there is no afterlife, no God and no savior. And yet when someone decides to believe in Christianity the World treats it like it`s a crime. Every day if someone finds you carrying a Cross on your necklace you get these weird and angry looks. People treat you like you`re a common criminal. Some people even resort to violence.

If you tell your friends in your belief in Christ you can almost bet that one of them will stop being your friend. Others will still stay by your side even though they don`t believe in Christ themselves. Others will embrace you because they are fellow Christians. But most-not all- but most will drop out of your sight, never to be seen again. Some people don`t believe because they think the music is boring. Really, not believing in the only thing that can save your life because of MUSIC? A lot of people think that Christian music is just boring old hymns- but that`s not the case! Not only do we have Christian Pop but we also have Rap, Country, and Hip-hop and believe it or not, there is actually some Christian Classical music! But music isn`t the only reason that people don`t believe. Some don`t because they`d rather embrace Satan by believing in False Gods and Idols, or just by not believing in a God at all!  Others just don`t care, but they should because they are just throwing their lives away with both hands all because they`d rather believe in some guy named Zeus or Buddha neither of which exist because if they did then there would be more truth behind those hollow letter written in that religion`s sacred textbook. And even though Atheists say that they don`t believe in a Religion they really are- You can`t not believe in some form of what happens after death or whether or not there is a god and what his name is. I personally believe in ‘I AM WHO I AM’ aka God. But Atheists say ‘I don`t believe in a Religion because there is no afterlife and there is no god and The Big Bang Theory and The Theory of Evolution is true! We evolved from monkeys and monkeys evolved from birds and birds evolved from dinosaurs and dinosaurs came from the matter that formed from the remnants of the Singularity that formed everything in the known and unknown universe!’ But that is SO NOT TRUE! Believe what you wish but if you know that there is a God in Heaven who made the Earth and the beasts on it in 6 days and rested on the 7th: God bless you.

It Was Her Birthday

That’s right, yesterday was my sweet baby girl’s15th. birthday.  You know, that child of mine who wrote Todays Music?  She was due on Christmas Day.  But because she was to be a c-section we planned for her to be one week early.  She was screaming even before they had her completely out of my tummy.  Beet red and screaming.  My life has never been the same.  It has been for the better.

The day before yesterday(Saturday)she and I had spent our time at my sister’s having a belated birthday sleepover for my niece.  She had 4 other girls that came for the party and they all had a blast.  My sister decorated the house quite nicely with animal print that my niece had asked for.  We did clay facials, painted nails, they played a truth or dare game, watched a movie, played hide and seek, they sprayed silly string all over each other, me and the down stairs.  Sissy cleaned it and my youngest niece who is 3 was appalled at the mess.  She was saying over and over how it was everywhere and her face expressions were so sweet that all we could do was laugh about how disgusted she was by it all.  The night was long, as most sleepovers are.  We got up early the next morning to strange noises and longing to be home.  My oldest need to be at work early, I was needed to pick up the hubby from his truck that he had been in for another two weeks.  When we got home, we presented our girl  with her birthday present.  A Epiphone guitar that the hubby picked up in Laredo, TX.  while he was laid over there for two days.  Sierra was soooo sweet in helping me and my sister.  She loves all of her cousins and would without thinking, do anything for them.  She was very surprised to have gotten the guitar.  But in our house if they ask for something for their birthday or Christmas and it is reasonable, we get it for them.  Yes, we love to spoil them.  She is an awesome daughter.  Here is a little bragging that I can do.  She is an honor roll student with straight A’s.  She knows how to and wants to talk to her daddio and I about things that affect her life.  She looks out for all of her family and friends.  She tries to do the right thing in everything.  She knows herself and is a strong young girl.  She loves God with all that she is.  She talks to God every chance she gets.  She is loved very deeply by friends and family.

After the gift giving and a little playing on it, we went to the mall.  Where she pointed out some boots that she saw the last time we were there and had thought she liked.  We got them for her.  Then we walked around a little and looked into a few stores.  It was time to eat.  We then headed to Red Lobster.  For those who may not know, it is a nice seafood sit down restaurant.  The food was good but the service not so much.  Although the food didn’t agree with baby girl.  She threw up later that night.  Hubby made her feel better by saying a bad joke.  “Well, it’s your barf-day.”  She laughed and even repeated it and laughed some more.  She is a good sport.  I couldn’t have gotten a better daughter.  I am very proud to say that I am her mom.  Now I have to get planning on her sweet 16.  It’s only a year away and being so close to Christmas I will have to get on the ball.

Who Do You Trust?

How does one do it?  To put your life in the hands of another, is something that I have a hard time doing without knowing the person first. If my kids are involved then they better have the greatest references and previous experience, so that I can have them checked and double checked.  I don’t like the idea of handing my kids to complete strangers and assume that they know what they are doing.

And yet, there are those who save lives everyday.  Lives that they do not know.  You know them as doctors, nurses, firefighters, and police officers.  There are some in that list that are willing to risk their own lives in order to save yours.  These are noble and tireless jobs that people have chosen to live out.  They will try everything within their means, to make sure that you and I are safe for all the tragic things that can happen to a person.

There is one though, that does know you.  He knows everything about you.  All your secrets.  All your triumphs.  He waits for you. He wants to save you.  So much so that He did do all that was needed in order to save you.  He allowed His only Son to be tortured and hung on the cross, all so you can live.  If I had to allow any of my sons to go through that I don’t think I would stay sane.  John 3:16,17  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.  For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

The wonderful part of all of that is, that you can be anywhere, doing anything, and you can be saved by believing in Him, Jesus.  I have never needed to ask for references or do a back ground check.  Yet there are those who still do. I give my children to Him with a grateful heart.  When my children were little it was hard for them to understand how to trust God with their lives when they could not physically see Him.  When they would question as to why something happened or how something that seemed impossible happened, my response has always been, that was God working. They accepted the answer and went on with life. As they have grown, they have learned that He is in everything around them.  They see Him everywhere and in everything.  They trust Him with their lives.  I have no doubt that they will for the rest of the time God allows them here on the earth.  The perspective of a child is something to marvel at.  When they understand something, even if it is just scratching at the surface of it, they accept it with a whole heart.  As adults, we tend to let other things or thoughts get in our way of seeing.  Matthew 18:3,4  and said, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.  Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.  

So how does one do it?  Just believe, even if it is just a little surface scratching.  Then accept what you believe.  If you are still unsure, then by all means do a background check, ask you friends and neighbors about Him.  He’ll be waiting.  

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