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We Just Need To Practice

Hey there everyone,

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.  I most certainly did.  My oldest came home from college for Christmas, my daughter turned 17 (She is making me and the hubby old very fast.)  She also got a job right before her birthday (Which is one week before Christmas).  We all celebrated my three holidays together at home with no big hoop la.  Which was just fine with all of us.

At the beginning of each year you might be finding yourself looking back.  People like to see what if anything they got accomplished and what they didn’t.  They make new goals for the upcoming months.  They try to adopt new, better habits.  One thing I have found is that they don’t set these out on a day-to-day basis.  No they spread them out over an entire year.  Yes, I realize that there are some that may take that long.  But ask yourself when you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the tasks that need to be done? Or perhaps a soreness/pain you may have for sleeping different then you needed.  I could list a whole number of things that ; not only have I said to myself, but have heard others as well.  We are to begin each day a new. With the joy of the Lord.   Not with bitterness or need.  In order to do this all it takes is …… practice.  Practice means that you are trying each and every day with all you mind, body, and soul.  Practice means you won’t get it perfected or even do it some days.  It means you are trying.  That you are actually doing it with a good heart.  Practice mean you have taken you out of it and are doing it for the Lord.

I don’t understand why people are putting so much disgust on themselves at the beginning of each year.  They haven’t lost enough weight, gotten any healthier, saved enough money, given enough money and so on. So what?!? Do the best you can with what you have daily and let God handle the rest.  Before you know it; it will be a new healthier, happier, habit and a wonderful start to your day.  Now for those who might be keeping score, I know that I didn’t write a whole lot last year, but within that time that I did these are the words I used most.


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I like to leave you with a song that I heard on a CD that my sister had a long time ago.  The song might be an old one but it still holds.


Re-post: Do You Devalue Me Just Because I’m A SAHM?

Hey there ladies and gents.  I wrote this last year and I got a lot of people talking.  Most were supportive of my views.  Some let me have it.  So I thought with all the talk going around about moms these days, that I would see if it is still relevent.

Let me first start off by saying I am not trying to start a war between moms. I happen to see value in every person in the world. I do not judge you by color, who you are or are not married to, the type of job you or your husband may have, where you live or don’t live, what kind of car you drive, where your children go to school, or what kind (if any) of education you have. I personally try my best to treat people the way that I would like to also be treated. Like a person.

Lately I have been reading a few articles and not only have they gotten me upset but also confused. The women writing these articles are telling women to not be Stay-at-home-moms at all and that if they do their children will resent them for it. Because you won’t have the money to allow them to do all the stuff that they would like to do. Is this really true? Do children resent their parents because they say no to them? I am a child of a SAHM. I have already gone through the bummed out feeling in not getting to do everything that I wanted. However, there was a lot that I did get to do. And as I grew up, I gained understanding that in the real world even adults don’t get everything that they want. My children are going through the same situations now. Even though my two younger sons don’t always get it, my other two children do. Because as they grow I take the time in teaching and showing them how the world works with regards to wages, prices of food and clothing…etc. My goal would be that all my children understand decisions of money and how we (their parents) prioritize where that money goes.

The articles go on to say that if I am not earning a pay check then I am devalued as a mom by society and that the day-to-day things that I do won’t really matter in the end. (Seriously?!) That word devalue really makes my knuckle white. They go on to say that I should have skills in getting a job so that if things like divorce, disability, or getting laid off happens to my husband, I then have to take over the responsiblity of earning the wages. Now as I have posted earlier, my husband has MS. So I know and have known that some day I may have to go to “work.” But I also thought that people were supposed to prepare for “what if” all the while enjoying the life they have. Not preparing with dread and doom. Personally, I’m for getting as much education as you would like to or need to have. We raise our children that everyone should learn something new each and every day of their lives. Whether you learn from school or social life. Learning is good. I am not here to tell anyone what they should or should not do in their lives. Because we have all been given the blessing of choice. I also know that there are moms who choose to work rather than stay at home. I don’t think less of them because of their choice. And yes, I am also aware that some moms are put in situations that make it so that they have to work. I support them because they are moms. I am in the understanding that a mom is an extremely important “job.” No matter what! I would not dare tell someone that society devalues them just because they have to work; no I say good for you being able to do for your family.

I guess it is the wording of things like (have to, society, skills, devalue) that have me all over the place. Normally, I would care less of what people thought of me. But I feel that I am a representation of my family also. So isn’t what society thinks of me also the same of what they think of my family? Because I don’t have a wage paying job, is my family looked at negatively for it? Should I tell my daughter that her husband might leave her and that she should never stop working outside the house? Or that her husband might lose his job or get disabled and she might have to support the family before she says her “I dos?” I don’t think marriage would look that great to her if I were to do those things. I have however told her that she can become anything she would like to be. And that her father and I would help and support her if and when needed. I want my daughter to be proud of the choices she makes. I want her to be her own woman. I don’t want her growing up and in her heart not really liking men because of the “what if’s.” So I am asking you SOCIETY, am I really useless in the world just because I am a SAHM? Let me and others know your feeling on this.

Yes, Things Can Get Worse!

Hello loved ones.  Well for those of you who did not read my Facebook post, the news around here is that Joe may have Both MS and Parkinson’s.  Joe has gone through years of different tests; being poked and prodded.  Driving back and forth from Ohio to Indiana, whether he felt like it or not.  And so, about two weeks ago he went in for another check-up with his neurologist.

The visit went about as usual with the (what Joe calls) stupid human tricks.  Walk to the door and back.  Touch my finger and then your nose.  Then the conversation went to the convention that the doc. had attended just the week before where he had discussed Joe’s case with another colleague.  You see, Joe’s doc. has never been happy with his diagnoses.  Even with all the tests pointing to (at least as much as you can get) definitely MS.  But after talking to this other doctor, he is more willing to think that Joe has Parkinson’s as well.  This is very unusual.  Not unheard of, but unusual.  Generally people have one or the other but not both.  No one in the family wants to believe it.  I am having a hard time getting the kids prepared in case he says without a doubt that it’s both.  As odd as it may sound, I’m use to the MS; I know what to expect, what can happen, what has already happened.  This Parkinson’s, I don’t want anything to do with.  I don’t want Joe to have to endure any more than he has already.  I don’t want the kids getting sadder and having the feeling of helplessness because daddio is even sicker.  Around here, we all try our best to laugh off the effects of MS.  Joe calls it monkey stuff rather than Multiple Sclerosis.  Monkeys do stupid things.  So when something happens, like Joe feeling like crap for no other reason than having the disease we say it’s just his monkey stuff.  I think it helps keep the kids at somewhat of a distance of the seriousness of it all.

Now I get the lovely task of looking into this new disease and finding all I can so that I can help the family cope.  I know, I know, I know, God doesn’t give us anything unless we are able to handle it.  He wouldn’t give us more than we could chew.  However, right here and now, I am mad.  I don’t understand.  I feel helpless.  I wish I could take it all from him.  I have told everyone I know just how wonderful of a man Joe is.  And right now, it is very hard to fight back the tears in thinking about just what a blessing he is to and for me and the kids.  I want to scream……. IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!!  HE DOESN’T DESERVE THIS!!!!  I will not allow this or anything else tear me away from what matters.  I know that I have to stand strong for everyone, including myself.  I know that I can’t stand without the love of God.  I know that he will hold me during these times that I feel weak.

Walking With A Purpose

As you might have read before, my hubby has MS.  This April there will be a walk for the cure right here in Oxford, Ohio.  This will be our 2nd. time doing this walk.  Here is a digital scrapbook page I did of last years walk.

We had a great time during the walk.  The weather wasn’t that great though.  It was lightly raining with a cold breeze.  But we did it!!! All 3 miles without a break.  Pastor Tim Tice  of Grace Pointe Church even came out and walked with us.  (He’s the other dude in the bottom picture)  It is my hope that we will be able to do this every year.  I do not claim to know what it is like having MS.  But I do know what it is like living with someone who does.  The word frustrating does not even cover it.  Because the disease has so many symptoms and all different for different people, one never knows how they will wake up to feeling like from one day to the next, let alone from one minute to the next.  Symptoms can come and go in the blink of an eye.  So you have to make accommodations for that no matter what is going on.  Joe is blessed.  He is still able to work as an Interstate Freight Re-locator (Truck Driver) even with a tremor in his left hand and arm that has not gone away in over a year and a half.  He has his moments where his legs feel (as he tries to describe it) hollow.  He has times of mood swings.  He has his bouts with feeling completely drained.  He has a family (at home and at church)who loves him and prays for him all the time.  He has a good neurologist doctor in Indianapolis.  (Yes, we go back to Indianapolis for his Dr. visits.  Good neurologist  are very hard to find.) He has good support while he is on the road with other drivers.  (I can’t say enough about how much I love those guys.  They have become a part of our family and we pray for each and every one!)  He gets excited about doing this walk.  This is a chance for people to get as hands on in the battle as possible.   So I would like to encourage you to take part if you get a chance.  There are walks done all over the country.  And for those of you who are unable or too busy, then please donate at the link  https://secure3.convio.net/nmss/site/Donation2?idb=1606982508&df_id=38606&FR_ID=17709&PROXY_ID=9470188&38606.donation=form1&PROXY_TYPE=20&JServSessionIdr004=1i2k6vv521.app330b  The money is used to help.  Help in research.  Help in informing.  Help in treatment.  I ask that you do a part in the help.  There are so many people who are a lot worse off than Joe.  People who can’t even do simple things without aid of another.  Even if you are unable to do a walk or donate still click on the link and get informed.  Knowledge is power.  And who knows, you might come up with an idea or question that no one else has that would benefit others.  Thank you all.

Giving Thanks Re-Post

Because this is the week of Thanksgiving I thought I would do a re-post that I wrote in June.  Because Thanksgiving should be through out each and everyday all year-long.  I give thanks to God. Not only for all that I have already received but for all that He may grace me with in the future.  I find it wonderful that the nation takes a day to give thanks as a nation.  I pray that it will multiply.

Giving thanks is something we all should do everyday. But few of us (myself included) remember to do just that. Thanksgiving is something that quite honestly is more important than one day of the year. The grace and blessings that have not only been given to me but to everyone is not something to be taken lightly. We all are grateful for food to eat and roofs over our head. At least until we hit the grocery store and see the prices or a shingle starts to buckle. Maintenance is something we all have to deal with. Whether it’s getting the car a tune up or getting a check up from the doctor. To remember to keep the focus on giving thanks to God for the car or the fact that you have been given yet another day to live. No matter what bad news may come out of maintenance. Waking up every morning should be reason enough to say thank you.


Now, I’m going to say something that my husband Joe may not like. I’m going to tell the world that he has Multiple Sclerosis. He is very private about such things. He was just newly diagnosed a few months ago. He went through a lot of testing. And all along he really didn’t think anything was wrong. He had gone in for a regular check up and just mentioned that he had a tremor in his hand for a little while. The doctor said,”let’s be safe and get it checked by a specialist”. The next thing you know, MS has struck our family. Now I can’t say exactly what it is that he goes through every day. Why? Because I’m not him. Everyone internally reacts differently to news like that. It’s a tough pill to swallow for myself. However, each and every day I have said thank you to

God for giving me such a wonderful man. I have been given a blessing with a man who truly gets me. Who truly loves me. And I know that even before he was diagnosed he gave thanks. If for nothing else, for life. I have a great deal to be grateful for. The list is too long to list here. Which is why I go through the day saying thank you for each. I know that a lot of people that give thanks on holidays or when something traumatic has had a good outcome. Which is all good and well. But it is the small stuff that fill up our daily lives. It should be the small stuff that we are grateful for. Now there is a lot of scripture that I could quote. But I’ll let you have the fun of looking it up. Yes, looking up scripture should be fun. Why? Because it brings you closer to the Lord. Start with baby steps if you need. Find one thing that happens everyday and give thanks. As the days go on add one more. Before you even realize it you’ll be singing his praises throughout the day. Everyday. So now I give thanks for the ability to be able to give this message and every message to you. For that I am grateful.

Did You Say Marriage?

What a wonderful gift marriage is.  It is so disheartening to see so many marriages fail in this world.  I have been married twice.  With my first marriage I was young, 16 to be exact.  To this day I still feel that I was in love with him.  However, I don’t think he was ever in love with me.  The marriage lasted 4 years with a lot of heartache and pain.  I swore off marriage after that.  All I could think was, “If that’s what it’s like to be married, then forget it!” Then I met Joe.  When we met, all I wanted to do was date.  I had no intentions of getting serious with anyone. We have now been married for 18 years.  This man knew what it meant to be married and he has worked hard at it each and every day.  I thank him for that.

My man is a O.T.R. (Over-The Road) driver.  You know the guys who drive those big semi-trucks that everyone I hear complains about.  I get asked a lot, how I do it.  You know, how can I do everything and not have him home all the time.  These people who have asked seem like it must be the worse thing in the world.  And I would be lying if I said that it is a breeze.  There have been times that it has been hard.  When he went to driving school, before we had cell phones (yes, I’m aging myself) he was gone for 3 months and I was home with 2 little kids.  There were also times that something fun or exciting would be happening that he was unable to be a part of.  And it has been difficult financially at times when he would get a stretch where there were little to no loads to drive. But when really big things would happen like Christmas, birth of our children, birthdays, etc., he was always there for as long as he needed to be.

People have told me that they didn’t know if they could trust their husbands being gone for so long and hanging with others that, well…I’ll be nice and say aren’t the kind of people you would want to bring home to meet the parents. (Which I would like to point out that they are a small group of people who give others a bad reputation.  You know the saying, one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch.) The fact that they can say out loud that they can’t trust their husbands, just shows, me at least, that their marriage isn’t as good as one might otherwise had thought.  I will grant you that trust is a major key to any marriage.  But did they stop to think that he also had to trust me?  I have heard of other marriages breaking up because it was the wife stepping out.  Supposedly from boredom or something.  I have plenty of things to do, not only keep me busy but also content. My husband should be able to trust me in every aspect of life.

Now as far as him being home all the time.  Well, I really have a hard time with that.  You see over the years, I have got into my way of running the house.  There have been times that he has been home for an extended period of time.  We tend to get on each others nerves a bit.  Most of it is my fault, because I don’t like to let go of how and when thing get done. (Control Freak!)  He is usually out for about 7- 14 days.  He tries his best to get home every weekend.  But If his last load for the week is in Texas and we’re in Ohio, then sorry, he can’t and we deal .  But when does get home, we have such an appreciation for each other.  We both work hard and the other knows it.  Although I believe he works much harder than I do these days.  We now have 4 kids, that aren’t little anymore.  They are able to take more care of themselves.  I can also delegate the chores that need to be done.  Joe, on the other hand, has to find things to do to keep himself sane.  Have you ever driven hundreds of miles in one day all by yourself then get up the next day to do it all over again?  Drivers have to do that all the time.  He also is having to deal with his MS all day by himself. He has his tremor, aches and pains all over, feeling really, really down, feeling really, really, up. Now I will say that we now have those handy-dandy cell phones and we talk to each other every day.  Sometimes multiple times a day.  So we are now able to keep up with each other’s day-to-day lives, vent, and support one another.  Instead of wearing our self out by telling each other absolutely everything on the first day he is home.  Which, I might add, we use to do.  I also think that with him having MS, it has strengthened our marriage even more.  That may sound funny or odd, but it’s true.

Marriage takes time to develop into something that is just wonderful.  It doesn’t just happen right after you say the I do’s.  It takes a lot of hard work from both sides and time. I don’t like the term, marriage is 50/50.   Marriage isn’t 50/50.  It’s 100/100.  You shouldn’t give only half and expect everything else to land on the other. Being prepared for one another is a major key also.  Which is why dating for an extended period of time should be advised.    I marvel at all the marriages that have lasted 50 years and up.  They show great commitment to one another.  You are swearing an oath that will not only be heard by friends and family but to your spouse and more importantly to God.  An oath stating that no matter what, you will do your best and stay with that person.  A lesson that I try to teach my kids is, if you don’t mean it, then don’t say it.  Only say what you mean.  To which even adults sometimes don’t do.  Have you ever heard, “I didn’t mean it that way”?  Again, say what you mean.  We should all remember that everything you say at every single moment of every single day is being recorded in heaven.  At the time we are judged, we will be accounted for it.  Matthew 12:36  “But I say to you that for every idle word men speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment.”

So I say, bring it on!  Turmoil and trouble can come our way.  Questions and unstable thoughts may be asked. But it will never separate me and my man.  We hold on to each other even tighter.  We understand that without the other that there is no way to get through it.  Besides, I just love holding hands.  And I’ll use any reason to do so.

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