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The World In Need

The phrase,helping the world” keeps being used a lot these days. It would appear that everyone is helping. And the closer it gets to the holidays, that are in the late fall/winter, the more you can hear how you can help or do your part. You can hear about it on the radio, see it on the television, and read about it in the paper.  They say they’re feeding people, building houses, giving financial aid and more. With all the help in the world, why is the world still in need?  If we break it down, here ‘s how it looks….


Companies and organizations claim that they are helping the world.  They try to come across as if they have a huge group who focus on helping each and every individual with their problems.  But when it comes right down to it, they usually just have a group spreading help with rules and regulations that are uniformed to all that need help.

Churches claim that they are helping the world.  They try to come across as if they reach poor and needy within the communities across the world. But when it comes right down to it, there is usually still an area of the community that remains poor and needy, because of rules and regulations that are uniformed to all that need help.

Government claims that they are helping the world.  They gather huge task forces to analyze the situation and then decide how the best plan of action.  But when it comes right down to it, there are still people in need, because they usually have too many uniformed rules and regulations for all that need help.

Jesus claims to help each and every person who asks.  The truth of the matter is…………

Jesus saves all

John 14:14 If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.  

So, which one will you call on when you need help? Everyone who year after year set out rules and regulations, or the one who says….just ask?

What Do You Live For?

Confession:  It wasn’t until later in my life that I realized just who I was supposed to be living for.

I have been watching the youth of America for some time.  For the most part I’m not all that impressed.  The focus that they seem to have is “Me-ism“.  I have been smacked in the face of it so many times that I physically and emotionally hurt for them.  If I look back throughout history, I’m sure I could find just when and where it started.  Do you know where?  The Garden.  That’s right.  When sin came into this world the “me-ism” started.  People looking out for themselves only.  Looking at to how they can get ahead of everyone else.  To feel as thought they are the big man/woman.  Those that are unwilling to help others no matter how small of a sacrifice it might be.  To leave their own trash around expecting others to clean up after them.  Trash in the form of bad decisions, not following through on things, not committing to something, etc…  What is even sadder is that their parents are the ones who allow this kind of behavior.  Yes I said allow.  They feel bad for their child and clean things up because they feel like their child shouldn’t have to suffer.  In the long run, the child does the same things over and over again.  Because, instead of having to learn from mistakes that they have made and figuring out how to fix them, their parents baby them.  But then wonder why they don’t respect them. One might think that parents had never heard of Tough Love.  There are those that consider tough love as no love at all.  Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Is it hard?  Well yes it’s hard, that why it’s called tough. It’s not only tough on them, but you as well. When we as parents, don’t allow our children to make mistakes and guide them through how to fix it, then as they grow and move out of the house (although I know of some who never have.  But that’s another story) then they will never be able to become a person who doesn’t live for themselves.

But there are times, when I see a youth of sorts, doing something that just melts my heart. Like holding the door open for complete strangers, helping someone who has dropped something, volunteering for a clean up crew, wanting to go visit an elderly person.  When you see them doing something for someone else and not care if they receive anything in return.  The only do it because it is the right thing to do.  They show a small spark of God’s glory. Oh how I wish we could gather the sparks together and have a blazing fire. That would be so worth writing about. There are great churches and organizations that promote how and why we should do for others, and while you do these things you slowly, but surly, start to not only do the right things in life, but you lose the me-ism.   When we start to realize that we are to live our lives for God and God alone.  That is when we truly start to live!

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