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Blah Blah Blah

I tell people that communication is key to any relationship.  Communication requires both listening and speaking.  There is a timing that comes with years of communicating with people.  With some people you need to listen longer and with others they would like you to be the one talking.  It can be crucial to know when to do which.  If one talks too much they can be seen as self involved.  If one doesn’t talk enough they can be seen as closed in.  Practice in talking to one another, is the only way to be able to read how a person is feeling while the two of you are talking.  The more you communicate (practice), the better you will be at having a stronger relationship.

Recently I was reading an article about talking to your children and the importance of it.  I thought, well duh.  But I have realized over the years that I am closer to my children than a lot of other people.  I think the  reason is because I have always talked to them and they have always talked to me. Truth be told, I was talking to them even before they were born. I have built a trust with them.  This has taken many years of practice. Although we may have times when we don’t feel like talking at one moment or another, they know that no matter what the subject matter might be about, (yes, all the uncomfortable, gross, strange, etc) they can come to me and we will talk.  All without yelling or judging.  I also know that when there are times of phases in their lives, that I must talk to them.  The most important talk that I have had with all of them is in my faith of God.  I try my utmost to show them that He is at the heart of everything and my gratitude for that.  My favorite talks with my children have been over discussion about the Bible.  We have talked on things like Heaven and hell, certain books, certain men, how to apply something to our lives now when that was so long ago.  The best talks are when Jesus comes up.  (I try my best to bring Him into every talk.  I like Him there.)  When we can talk about what kind of man He was and is.  I don’t understand how it is that there are people who have attended church, raised a family, and don’t talk to their children about God outside of Sunday.  This really does amaze me.  The connection just isn’t there for them.  If they would only understand that talking about Jesus opens those doors.   To be able to share your faith….not just your faith, but the passion that goes with it, is such an awesome gift.

People communicate not through actual talking anymore.  They (and yes, I do too) tweet, facebook, text, e-mail.  Everything is shorten.  We don’t text, we txt. Everything we say is within 100 and something characters.  We don’t see facial expressions of others as they type and they don’t see our reaction.  We lol, or 🙂 .

It got me to thinking about our prayers.  Are people shorting those in the same manner?  Are they using shorthand expecting God to decode the meaning?  Just think about what the Bible would look like if it had been text talked.  Then Genesis 17:1 would look like this: Abram/99; Lord appeared & sed 2 him, I’m Almighty God; walk b4 Me & b blameless.  I encourage you to actually read that scripture.  You’ll see that there is a lot of meaning and power of His words missing if it had been text.  I thank God that He doesn’t send me texts.  I love hearing His words and the emphasis He may put on them.

There have been many parents, who when the kids are grown and have families of their own, wish that their kids would come for a visit or call them once in a while.  If their parents didn’t talk to them when they were living at home, why would the child feel the need to talk to them once they were out of the house?  I don’t want my words to sound like the Charlie Brown teacher when I speak to kids.  And I don’t want my kids thinking that I think they sound like her either.  So until I can no longer have the ability to form words, I will talk to them.  I will share with them the knowledge that I have been blessed with.  I will continue to practice and build our relationships.  I have the confidence that because of the practice in communicating with them, that they,no matter what other form of “talking” may develop, will do the same with their kids.  Look over your form of communication that you have with your children, your spouse, your parents, your neighbors, your friends.  Is it true communication, or just a bunch of blah blah blah :p .

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