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Religion -Views of a 12 Year Old


My youngest son and I and his older brother were having a discussion dealing with the movie Noah.  My son then starting going on about how things should be and how they actually are.  He had such strong feeling on the subject matter that I insisted that he write it down. So for your days viewing pleasure, here is what he wrote.  I do hope that you enjoy it and please keep in mind that he just turned 12.

Today the Government is so backwards- The Constitution isn`t being treated like it should, our basic Rights are being infringed, and worst of all- and what I`m here to talk about- is that Freedom of Religion isn`t recognized as a Right. Christians are being discriminated because of our belief in The Trinity. The World doesn`t care that the Chinese dude down the street chooses to believe in Buddhism. They don`t care that that Atheist guy who lives on the street corner decides to believe that there is no afterlife, no God and no savior. And yet when someone decides to believe in Christianity the World treats it like it`s a crime. Every day if someone finds you carrying a Cross on your necklace you get these weird and angry looks. People treat you like you`re a common criminal. Some people even resort to violence.

If you tell your friends in your belief in Christ you can almost bet that one of them will stop being your friend. Others will still stay by your side even though they don`t believe in Christ themselves. Others will embrace you because they are fellow Christians. But most-not all- but most will drop out of your sight, never to be seen again. Some people don`t believe because they think the music is boring. Really, not believing in the only thing that can save your life because of MUSIC? A lot of people think that Christian music is just boring old hymns- but that`s not the case! Not only do we have Christian Pop but we also have Rap, Country, and Hip-hop and believe it or not, there is actually some Christian Classical music! But music isn`t the only reason that people don`t believe. Some don`t because they`d rather embrace Satan by believing in False Gods and Idols, or just by not believing in a God at all!  Others just don`t care, but they should because they are just throwing their lives away with both hands all because they`d rather believe in some guy named Zeus or Buddha neither of which exist because if they did then there would be more truth behind those hollow letter written in that religion`s sacred textbook. And even though Atheists say that they don`t believe in a Religion they really are- You can`t not believe in some form of what happens after death or whether or not there is a god and what his name is. I personally believe in ‘I AM WHO I AM’ aka God. But Atheists say ‘I don`t believe in a Religion because there is no afterlife and there is no god and The Big Bang Theory and The Theory of Evolution is true! We evolved from monkeys and monkeys evolved from birds and birds evolved from dinosaurs and dinosaurs came from the matter that formed from the remnants of the Singularity that formed everything in the known and unknown universe!’ But that is SO NOT TRUE! Believe what you wish but if you know that there is a God in Heaven who made the Earth and the beasts on it in 6 days and rested on the 7th: God bless you.


Words and Charity part 1

There are sayings that we (people in general) say all the time.  I have been known to say them myself.  “Well, times were different then.”  Or  “charity begins at home.”

In the process of raising our children, when they have asked us what does (Insert any word) mean, our stock answer is look it up.  Then with eyes rolling and a little huffing and puffing, they go to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  I personally grew up with a Funk and Wagnall, which I had with me when Joe and I first got married.  Joey and Sierra finally wore it out after about 5 more years.  Then we got a Webster’s.  By then, we had all four kids and we weren’t lacking on our answer.  The kids would have to read out loud to us the definition of said word.  Then we would have a discussion about said word, so that we knew that they truly understood said word.  In my study of the dictionary, I found out that Samuel Johnson’s dictionary was the first.  However, people thought that Merriam’s far surpassed Johnson’s.  You can find out more on this topic here. http://www.merriam-webster.com/info/noah.htm

What struck me the most is the vast difference in the dictionary then and the one we have today.  The words of yesterday do not have the same meaning they do today.  Words like


 noun \ˈwīf\


a dialect : woman

b : a woman acting in a specified capacity —used in combination <fishwife>


: a female partner in a marriage

WIFE, n. plu. Wives. [G., a woman.]

1. The lawful consort of man; a woman who is united to man in the lawful bonds of wedlock; the correlative of husband.

The husband of one wife. 1 Timothy 3.

Let every one of you in particular, so love his wife even as himself, and let the wife see that she reverence her husband. Ephesians 5.

2. A woman of low employment; as strawberry wives. [Not in use.]

Which one do you believe is the one we use now.  If you said the first definition then you would be correct.  Did you notice the scripture that was in the second definition?  That’s right, in the original dictionary there was scripture to back up the meaning of the word.  The second definition came from Webster’s first in 1828.  It has been changed because the world has changed.  I have told my children since they were little don’t believe everything that you read, and that there is only one book that they can always rely on to have the whole truth.  That’s the Bible.   I never thought that I couldn’t rely on the dictionary.  But, I guess that is to be expected with all the words that I have heard other children and young adults say over the years and then for that reason only they are added to the dictionary.  Their “popular”, the “newest trend” and so on.  I am so glad that we had discussions about the words they were looking up.  Because now we can be assured that by what we have taught them won’t change just because the world doesn’t like it anymore.  I’ll talk more on Charity tomorrow.


Have you chosen the priorities of your life?  On the other hand, have you allowed God to choose them for you?

Whether you are aware of it or not, He already has and just waits on you to see what He has laid out for you.  Throughout the Bible we are shown that, we are to love the Lord first and above all others.  And it is only then that we move on to family and home.  Once we can do those (and don’t worry, no one does it completely the way they think they should) Then we are to move on to our ministry.  These are commandments from God Himself.  When God commands something from us, he also gives us the gift of choice.  You get to choose whether to do as commanded.  The problem I see is that when people are given a choice they look at what they think is best for them rather than what God has already said is best for them.  When people try to figure what is best for them, they have placed themselves above everyone else.


Things come and go in life.  Trouble and blessings come and go.  People come and go.  God is forever!  No matter what may be happening in your life right now or in the future.  One’s life should not be controlled by the comings and goings.  I have made a lot (understatement) of sacrifices in my life so that I can show who I am as a child of God and as a wife and mom.  I do not allow the troubles or problems to change the direction I am taking.  And because of that, there are a lot of people who stay away from me.  Not because I’m mean, but because they feel that if they stay with me that they too will have to allow God to change their life so that they are in line with Him and not be allowed to keep living the way they want.  I have been told that I am a strong woman, a very strict mom, that I am out of touch with the “real world”, and that I don’t know how things “really” work.


If they only knew.  I am the happiest woman when I talk to God and allow Him to take care of any problem for me, no matter how big or small it may be.  It is such a privilege to get to have God on my side and worship him rather than breathing life to trouble that comes around.  I would have to say that the hardest part of all of that is trying to get my own children to see the world the same way.  They are out in it more than I am.  Their friends are huge influences and their parents for the most part do not see the world as such a bad place.  I disagree with women being in certain careers.  My daughter does not.  I disagree with women having higher power than men do.  My children do not.  I have to learn how to make the life I already have look more appealing to them than the world does.  On my own, this would be impossible.  But I know that nothing is impossible for God.  Therefore, I will leave the opening of their eyes and hearts to Him.  And keep doing what I am doing alongside of God.  Because I know that troubles and problems won’t stop coming at me.  I know that the closer I get to God the stronger and faster they will come and attack.  My oldest children are just starting to understand when we say to them that the older you get the harder life gets.  There is more expected of you.  And I get to laugh when they tell me that they want to be a kid again.  Because they are kids, who are learning that life is serious business.  Playtime is almost over for them.  The world however is still playing.  They have no priorities above themselves.  And if they don’t like the way the game is played, they simply change the rules to fit their so-called needs. 

Is It Any Of Your Business?

My oldest sent me a video of a comic who was talking about how Christians aren’t suppose to curse.  I found the video somewhat funny, but I also got the thoughts out of it as to how fingers are pointed at Christians if and when we mess up.  In the heat of a moment, whether it be a physical pain, or an emotional one, when you’re hit right out of the blue, we “Christians” have cursed.  I get after my kids all the time for this.  My kids don’t use the ordinary curse words.  As a matter of fact, my daughter used to say “tartar sauce” when she was younger, for something that she didn’t like.  She knew that cursing was wrong so she “used her words”.  At the time, we allowed her to do so.  We had the mind-set that she had found a way around cursing and the way she would say it, was kind of cute.  However today, we understand that what stands behind any word that is spoken is where the power of any cursing is at.  So that now when we hear that which is behind the words that are against the good of God, we will tell them to stop cursing.  Then we have to explain to them, well at least the younger ones, that they are cursing.

Then later in the week I was speaking to one of my neighbors and he was explaining to me how another neighbor told him that because he is a “Christian” that he couldn’t get mad at him for anything he may have done to him.  Seriously!!!  Christians are not allowed to get mad?!?  Give me a break.  We are all human.  And as such we all have the same emotions.  I will say that as a Christian, I do try to keep control of my emotions.  I do so so that they don’t control me.  However, there are times when everyone get mad, sad, upset, depressed, happy, joyful, and overwhelmed.

When I was young, my mom use to tell me all the time, (and now I tell my own kids) to mind my business and not the business of others.  My kids have a (bad) habit of helping when it isn’t asked for.  They see something that needs done and then they take over and do it.  The person who was to do it in the first place then gets upset and complains.  I have to remind them that one should not help unless they are asked to help.  My kids have come home from school and given me detailed info on a friend or a classmate that is not what we would call “good news”.  And their opinion about the situation then follows.  I listen because I don’t want them to think that I don’t care about them (the child talking).  But then, I have to ask them, what business is it of yours?  Usually the answer is none.  As Christians we are to tell of the gospel and lead people to Christ.  That is our business.  But to criticize others for the business of their own is not ours to do.  We are to stay away from the worldly ways.  And that is of the world.

I have found, as a general rule, that people like to think that they know better than another.  People have opinions about everything and a lot of them think that they have the “right” to express them to the ones that they feel are doing things wrong.  If we Christians, would only look on the business of God, then we would be keeping in our own business.  Stop looking into the business of the world.  Live your life in your business.  Express the love of God.  So that the world will then come and ask you for the help that they need.

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